Wesley's STCCG card of the day #303

Hi, folks,

we had so much QC hype that we almost forgot there remain a few cards to be done on this sector:



Event, uncommon.
Destroys any one Event card in play (except for Treaty cards) OR any one artifact in play as an Event card.
"Immortal omnipotent being called a Douwd. Lived secretly as a human. Took a human wife who was killed by the Husnocks at Delta Rana IV."
Some rater called it "The God Card". And yes, it is one of those cards that no deck seems to be without. (Well, at least no decks that don't exclusively rely on Parallax Arguers ;-) )

There are so many powerful events in STCCG that countering some of them has become a necessity to most players. And as with many counter-cards, estimating their power means taking a look at what it can counter (this time in order of priority, most urgent ones first)

Some less great ideas for nullifying:

Now how about the number of Kevins in a deck? I usually have two or three, sometimes even only one. But I make liberal use of Palor Toffs to get them back just in case I need more. (And those Palors can mimic something else if I need that more urgently). So don't overload your deck with Kevins. I've seen early counterdecks relying on 6 Kevins and 4 Amandas. They were incredibly effective at that time, when most people really relied on events. But in modern STCCG, a good deck is one that can win if it never draws its Red Alert, its Traveler or Genetronic Replicator. So you don't need that many Event killers anymore. (And if you really do, see above Palor comment...)

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : KEVIN UXBRIDGE

Wesley's rating:               10.0
Cole's rating:                  8.0
Drew's rating:                  9.7
Gregory's rating:               8.5
Hal's rating:                  10.0 
Jack's rating:                  9.0
Locutus' rating:                9.5
Mot's rating:                   9.75
Nanite's rating:                9.0
Nouwa's rating:                 9.975
Picarde's rating:               9.5
Q's rating:                     8.5
Ranger's rating:                8.5
Rothspar's rating:              8.9
Tebok's rating:                 9.5
Tony's rating:                 10.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 9.3

The new raters are here on a somewhat probational basis... They're waitlist occupants who got a guest stint because of some older ones not having replied yet - maybe they're here to stay, maybe not yet...

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