Wesley's STCCG card of the day #49

Hi, folks,

y'all asked for more events, so I'm gonna give you:


Event, uncommon.
Choose any player to immediately draw three new cards from the top of their draw deck. Discard event after use.
"Treacherous collector of one-of-a-kind antiquities. Once tried to add Lt. Commander Data to his collection."
One word to describe this card: useful. However, most players think that is is just three more cards to add to your hand. True, that's its main function. Of course, it has two massive disadvantages against the other card that lets you draw three extra cards (Betazoid Gift Box). First, you lose a turn playing it (not to be ignored; loss of a single card play can wreak havoc to some strategies) and second you don't get to choose the cards. But then, Betazoid Gift Box is an artifact...

This simple use of Kivas Fajo is best suited for the early stages of the game. Especially with a small draw deck you stand a good chance to draw important stuff like Red Alert, Traveller or Static Warp Bubble on turn 1 and play them on the 2nd turn.

However, there are a few more things to do with Kivas. In later turns when you have a lead in points, play it on the player whose draw deck is smallest, thus eliminating three more turns in which somebody could dare to catch up to you. A nasty but risky combo is Kivas + Static Warp Bubble. If you manage to get your opponent down to one card by means of the SWB, just Kivas him for three more discards. Of course, this might just give him the needed Kev Ux or Traveller :-(.

For speed players, a single Kivas Fajo combined with a few Palor Toffs will prove much more useful than just multiple Kivas Fajos, as those Palors are always worth another Kivas but might be put to other uses should the need arise - the cost in cards as well as in turns is identical.

Caveat: Be very careful about Kivas'ing yourself or anybody when you are playing a fast deck and are behind in points - you easily might deny yourself the extra turn(s) needed to catch up and win.

Bonus (just because I mentioned the two cards): The Traveller and Red Alert complement each other and with a 30-card draw deck you stand good chances to get both on the initial draw. When this happens, play the Traveller first - you wind up with an extra card (check this out for yourself).

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                9.0
Allen Castaban's rating:        8.5
Data's rating:                  9.4
Habib's rating:                 8.0
Bryan's rating:                 7.0
Jeff's rating:                  9.85
Holt Kernodle's rating:        10.0
Jack's rating:                  5.5
Jason's rating:                 6.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.2

Message to my raters: No, I didn't screw up on the review order - my to-do list was faulty. Habib already did the Anti-Time Anomaly. (# 21)

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