Wesley's STCCG card of the day #261

Hi, folks,

sorry for the gap, but I was hired (err... drafted) to co-organize a meeting whose subject matter had very little to do with Star Trek, but with really old stuff. Like MG sports cars (1930 - 1970). But here's something else that's rather classic:

Classic COTD #7


Personnel, Federation, rare.
Integrity 8
Cunning 12
Strength 12
OFFICER, ENGINEER, Computer Skill x2, Music, Astrophysics, Exobiology Command Star (*).
"Lt. Commander Data is a sentient android created by Dr. Noonien Soong. Has positronic brain. Desires to be human. Once left his head in San Francisco."
This personnel card looks as if he had five skills (not counting the x2). Wrong. He has seven.

WHAT? Seven? Right. His sixth skill is being Data. It is one of the requirements for Investigate Time Continuum. And the seventh is even less visible: Soong-Type Android. Not only does this skill give him several resistances to otherwise rather deadly Dilemmas, but it also helps actually overcome a few of them. Try Ktarian Game or Malfunctioning Door. Of course this particular trait also helps when using a Vulcan Nerve Pinch or the less-than-great Lore's Fingernail. But his other abilities are no less excellent. The OFFICER/ENGINEER combination is not much more than an ENGINEER that might in rare cases save you a crewmember for a Naiskos or a Senior Staff Meeting, but even ENGINEER in itself is often worth it, especially with all these multi-ENGINEER requirements in this game.

Astrophysics is the higest-valued non-classification (non-CAPS) skill in this game as it is needed for a high number of missions and relatively rare. Besides Scotty, Mirok and Reyga the non-rare Astrophysicists are not worth playing.

Exobiology is another one of these rare skills you only get in a few cards but need for a number of missions.

Leaves us with Computer Skill, one of the few skills you can actually use two of and Music. The latter can even come in handy in a few cases in spite of not using the Ressikan Flute (with which it greatly combines), if you encounter a Crystalline Entity or want to take a quick trip to Risa.

And on top of this rather long skill list, you get 28 attribute points. All values are even (defying Hunter Gangs and such stuff) and not too shabby. After all there are several personnel cards whose highest value is substantially below 8. Alexander Rozhenko for example (Integrity 6). And (puzzle!) there is one personnel card whose highest attribute is a mere 5! Try to figure this out without consulting your card binders... (Don't send solutions, it's quite easy. And it's not Mot!)

To sum it up, as versatile as a personnel card will get. But with a hefty price tag attached to it. Less wealthy players might go for a Wesley Crusher, or if even less money is available, for a Scotty. To get a better personnel card however, you'll have to go a long way. Maybe a Beaming Clone (COTD #106, Dream Card, copies any one personnel card at the outpost it's played to) might someday take the top slot on the list, but as it stands, Data is the #1 guy in the game.

Favorite combo(s):

- About any Federation crew that involves him.

Ratings for : DATA

Wesley's rating:                9.5
Cole's rating:                  8.6
Conner's rating:                9.0
Data's rating:                 10.0
Hal's rating:                   8.0
Jack's rating:                  9.0
Nanite's rating:               10.Overflow
Nouwa's rating:                 9.0
Q's rating:                     9.5
Ranger's rating:                9.0
Ray's rating:                   8.75
Rothspar's rating:              8.5
Tania's rating:                 9.0
Tony's rating:                 10.0
Wa'Qah's rating:                9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 9.2

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