Habib's STCCG card of the day #24

Greetings all and welcome again to Habib's Card of the Day. Today we will look at um... an interesting card. That's about all you can say. It's everyone's favorite card...


Federation Civilian
"Bolian male. Convival barber aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Snappy conversationalist."
Now you may be asking yourself why I put this card in. To tell you the truth I'm asking myself the same question. But actually I've had a few requests for this card, plus I just like it.

Anyway there really isn't a whole lot of strategy involved in this card. His numbers are pretty low, and at the moment barbering is useless. But one of my readers actually uses this card. He says that it is used for psychological advantage. Basically so if you win you can really let your opponent have it. And if you win by using Mot's skills, it's even better. But that's really the only real use for it as far as I can tell. Except for to use as as civilian for the Kurlan Naiskos. Also for humor value.

Card rating
1=worst 10=best

Habib's rating for the card itself=11
Habib's rating for the usefulness of the card=1
Wesley Crusher's rating=2
Matt Hubbard's rating=4
Joseph H. Kernodle's rating=.005
Jason's rating=10
Jon Wilson's rating=3.1415

If you want to rate cards too like the people above let me know.

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