Wesley's STCCG card of the day #94

Hi, folks,

I promised (in #75) to perhaps do one more mission: Here it is.


Mission, Federation, Planet, rare.
35 Points
Span 3
Guinan OR Data OR Time Travel Pod
"Dividia II: Trace mysterious time-traveling aliens living in a parallel time continuum."
An interesting card to say the least. And a good one too.

Three requirements, only one of them needs to be fulfilled. And 35 points, so this sounds quite easy.

Well, on second sight, the first alternative is rather hard to fulfill, but we'll see... :-)

Lets check the second: One single crewmember can do it: Data. So this is less than reliable. But wait a second: Who says this is the FIRST mission I have to solve ? And who stops me from placing a Betazoid Gift Box under this first mission ? Then retrieve Data and whatever else seems good and go for it: A Betazoid 35 points gift...

For the third requirement: Time Travel Pod. I'd rather use that one on an op- ponent's ship. And if I need to uncover an artifact to solve this mission, why not take one that gives me something else (see above...) ?

But now for the nasty little combo with this card. Well, not exactly combo as this relies on YOUR OPPONENT using this mission. Try a shiny little Alien Abduction as the last Dilemma under this mission. 3 Leadership is incredibly rare and then the most CUNNING Away Team member gets abducted. Guess who this will be :-) Nice little Data-nullifier...

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                8.5
Conner's rating:                6.0
Habib's rating:                 ---
Phil's rating:                  4.0
Lore's rating:                  8.2
Owen's rating:                  1.1
Ian's rating:                   2.0
Jack's rating:                  5.4
Jason's rating:                 6.5
GoOski's rating:                ---
AVERAGE RATING:                 5.2

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