Wesley's STCCG card of the day #48

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before I go on with my own list, I quickly fulfill a request:


Event, common.
Plays on table. Opponent must discard one card before ending each turn. (Not cumulative.)
"Dr. Beverly Crusher experienced a shrinking univers, shaped by her own thoughts, inside a static warp bubble created by Ensign Wesley Crusher."
Yup, another card for a "Wrath of Wesley Crusher" deck. (In both ways, thema- tically and because it's in my winning decks :-) ). It's close to a killer when you get it out early. By just being in play for long enough, this card will eliminate all choice your opponent could make about card play, as she will be forced to discard down to the point where her hand would consist of only one card (the one drawn last turn). Especially against those tourney decks with only 30 draw deck cards and 30 seed cards (for speed, gets you the good cards faster), this will prove devastating as these decks have very little room for duplication, so even two or three discards might disrupt a carefully planned strategy.

Of course this card has weaknesses, too. First it can be countered with two different cards (Kev Ux and Traveller), of which the latter is a formidable card in itself and won't be missing in too many decks. Note though, that the Traveller does NOT cause the SWB to discard but just negates it, so by Ux'ing the Traveller you will get the effect back (and probably hit a good handful of cards along the way).

Secondly, even if you get it out on your first turn and it remains uncoun- tered, your opponent might have a red alert and play all his personnel on the following turn, so you don't get to nail more than one card. Also, playing SWB early loses you a precious early-game turn if you also have a few positive events like Traveller, Kivas or Red Alert on your hand. Still, the last argument doesn't hold too well as your opponent is slowed even worse by lo- sing cards (assumed it works, of course.)

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                9.0
Allen Castaban's rating:        6.5
Habib's rating:                 7.0
Bryan's rating:                 5.5
Jeff's rating:                  9.75
Holt Kernodle's rating:         9.0
Jason's rating:                 6.5
Data's rating:                  6.7
Jack's rating:                  6.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.4

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