Wesley's STCCG card of the day #46

Hi, folks,

now that I've given you quite a few ways of killing off opponents' personnel (dilemmas), let's take a quick look a what to use when she does the same to you:


Event, uncommon.
Plays on table. prevents any of your Away Team members from being killed if 2 MEDICAL present.
"Medical device invented by Dr. Toby Russell. Capable of growing replacements for damaged organs."
This is one of those cards that caused lots of rules fuss, so I'll clarify it first. It kicks in when:

The first one is quite clear, but the second one is a toughie. Basically, it means you resolve the Diemma, Away Team battle or whatever and set aside the to-be-killed card. Now you look at the rest and if it contains two MEDICAL you get back whatever was set aside. If the rest does not include the two docs, well bad luck.

This is quite versatile as you can supply the MEDICALs needed by any means of your choice. So the use of OFFICER+Medical Kit or SCIENCE+Medical Tricorder is perfectly OK for the purpose of this card.

The best point about it that an Away Team with three MEDICAL is immune to away team battles as well as all of the following dilemmas: Armus, Chalnoth, El-Adrel Creature, Nausicaans, Rebel Encounter, Microvirus, Archer. If two of the MEDICAL have an Integrity of at least 5 (very desirable), the Genetronic Replicator will even protect your crew against the dreaded Firestorm. However it will NOT protect against Love Interests and Anaphasic Organism as these do not say they "kill" an away team member. Unfortunately the Genetronic Replicator is also completely useless against Space dilemmas.

Is there any defense against it? Yep. Kev Ux comes to mind first, but the best defense is a good offense: Throw a female love interest and perhaps an Anaphasic Organism in front of the Dilemma you really want to work. Also, just add a mass killer like Barclay's Disease (Nobody unaffected, so nobody there to save somebody).

Still, IMHO this card is a definite "must-have" in all decks that include 3 or more planet missions.

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                9.0
Jon's rating:                   ---
Allen Castaban's rating:        8.5
Tim Kwong's rating:             8.0
Habib's rating:                 ---
Bryan's rating:                 7.5
Jeff's rating:                  8.75
Holt Kernodle's rating:	       10.0
Simon's rating:                 ---
Jason's rating:                 8.0
Tom's rating:                   9.2
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.7

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