Wesley's STCCG card of the day #74

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Dilemmas, Planet, common.
*** Away team member (random selection) runs off with lover to furthest planet, where (s)he remains. Can be rescued later. Discard dilemma.
"A genetically engineered leader. Once romantically involved with Deanna Troi"
"One of the many beautiful women who reside on the paradise planet of Risa"
(Guess which is which...)
These cards are not as similar as they might seem, especially concerning combo opportunities. The Female's version is definitely the stronger one, as there is the Matriarchal Society (always a nice combo) and you can use this against the typical Fed deck very well (Try FLI + any Dilemma requiring lots of Medical & Science - almost all their blue shirts are female.) The MLI can some- what be combined with dilemmas requiring Security, but this is far less certain, as Tasha Yar can work around this problem. For MLI, there is the combination with the impassable door (all the Computer freaks are men except Dr. Selar, at least as far as Feds are concerned [too lazy to check the other affiliations]).

Quick three-criteria analysis for those used to it:
Prerequisites: Strong. Cannot be avoided. By NO means. Not even Genetronic replicator or Interphase Generator do help.
Effect: Medium to strong. Get rid of 1 personnel with some control over which type goes. In most cases more lasting than killing, as no Res-Q allowed.
Flexibility: Fair (MLI), Good (FLI). The extra killer combos for the FLI merit the better rating. Planet Dilemmas are IMHO more useful than space ones.

Total: Great cards. Must-haves.

Favorite combo(s):

Ratings for : LOVE INTEREST:    MALE's  FEMALE's

Wesley's rating:                8.0     9.5
Conner's rating:                6.0     7.5
Phil's rating:                  7.0     8.0
Mike's rating:                  7.8     8.6
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.2     8.4

PS: Solutions to #68: Incoming Messages
(a) play Where no One has gone before and go the other way.
(b) bring a ship with 2 Diplomacy and an Engineer and build an extra outpost.
(c) use Wormholes

to #72: Sarek
Beverly Crusher + Evaluate Terraforming.

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