Wesley's STCCG card of the day #116

Hi, folks,

this one is a straightforward Dilemma (really running out of interesting cards...)


Dilemma, Planet, common.
Away Team member with highest total attribute numbers is shot and dies unless SECURITY and MEDICAL present. Discard Dilemma.
"Indigenous inhabitants, such as this Mintakan bowman, often attack an away team out of fear."
Simple to use, simple to review:

What it does: It eliminates one crewmember. A good one, too. Especially against Fed decks this one can wreak havoc, as the Bridge crew all have really high scores. If present, you nail Data, next would be Worf then Picard. After this the card remains unclear. Beverly, Geordi and W.Riker all have the same total score, so which one is actually shot ? (Don't know, but it's probably in the FAQ.)

What it takes: A Security (hard to come by, at least for Feds) and a Medical (nobody beams anywhere without one of these). Enhance with a few Love interests and you might stand a good chance of your male Security or your female Medical being affected. (So use those Tashas and Simon Tarses, make for a little surprise concerning those cards). One of those that sometimes work, but not too often.

Where to place: Planets. Better choice, at least with all these artifact decks floating around.

Where to put it: In any Dilemma-heavy deck.

Favorite combo(s):

- Archer + Microvirus + Anaphasic Organism + any mission I want to sneak into later on. Opponent gets discouraged by three Dilemmas, then I move in and storm it (3x same requirements!!!)

Ratings for : ARCHER

Wesley's rating:                6.5
Conner's rating:                6.0
Habib's rating:                 6.0
Phil's rating:                  6.0
Lore's rating:                  --- (Hey, forgotten this one?)
Owen's rating:                  4.8
Ian's rating:                   5.1
Jack's rating:                  6.9
Jason's rating:                 8.0
GoOski's rating:                ---
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.2

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