Wesley's STCCG card of the day #32

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Federation Personnel, rare
Integrity: 8
Cunning: 8
Strength: 6
ENGINEER x2, Navigation, Physics, Computer Skill
Command ability (*)
"Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge is chief engineer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Great sense of humor. Fortuitous holodeck programmer."
Geordi belongs to the few personnel who are actually named on a mission (Evaluate Terraforming(R)). This and the fact that he comes very close to solving the Explore Dyson Sphere(R) thing all on himself (he'll just need one lowly Engineer to help him) makes him a somewhat special character.

But IMHO his major Strength lies in overcoming dilemmas. There are three dilemmas that require two ENGINEER, one dilemma that can be overcome by one ENGINEER and one that needs Computer Skill. This makes him alone a solution to 11% of all dilemmas not counting those others where he is the keystone to a two-personnel solution.

This and his very balanced, high attributes make him one of the very best Federation cards.

Like Wesley, Geordi has his Strength more in Space dilemmas and missions than in the planet ones.

It should lastly not be forgotten that this card can be a potential life- saver when it comes to battle as he will increase Nutational Shields by 4 points. All ships with shields of 8 or more (which includes all the Galaxy class starships) are thus protected against a Borg direct destruction.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : GEORDI LA FORGE

Wesley's rating:             9.0   
Jon's rating:                9.0   
Allen Castaban's rating:     7.0   
Tim Kwong's rating:          9.0   
Jason's rating:              8.5   
Habib's rating:              8.5   
Bryan's rating:             10.0
Data's rating:               (I will tell as soon as I have it)
AVERAGE RATING:              8.7

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