Wesley's STCCG card of the day #240

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I have to change my schedule a little bit, as I ran out of rated cards (yeah, the side effects from being away), so let's do this thing first:

Classic COTD #2


Dilemma, space, rare, 45 points.
Self-controlling ship (WEAPONS=24, SHIELDS=24). Start here. Attacks everything. End of every turn, moves 1 card toward and off spaceline's long end. Destroy for bonus.
"Gigantic cubic ship of the Borg collective. Possesses powerful weapons and remarkable regenerative abilities."
The power Dilemma. and at the high point value, you can even use it in a dual way - to hurt your opponent and to score points.

The first way is quite straightforward. Hide it somewhere and hope your opponent is going to hit it from a ship instead of from the outpost (This card is an exception from the rule that you should generally have your best Dilemmas at the probable outpost locations). Only if you use it this way, be very careful.

If you get stuck somewhere, your own ships might be in danger as well. First rule: never park at a location where you put a Borg ship. NEVER!!! Okay, you can make an exception if you would have to otherwise hit Gaps in normal Space or fly over a Subspace Warp Rift, but only if no ship of your opponent can reach the location in one turn (that includes ships he might play on the outpost that turn!).

The second thing is a little trickier. Getting 45 points seems good. And it actually is. You do have two chances at destroying a Borg ship. First is a fast Klingon Armada deck with Shield enhancers and at least 1 ENGINEER aboard every ship (preferably two, but it is easier to get 3 Nutational shields and one ENGINEER on each ship than to get 2 shield enhancers and 2 ENGINEERS per ship). Plus, at least one (better two) Bynars' Weapon Enhancements. This list demonstrates you need a single-minded deck for this Borg hunt and you cannot easily destroy two Borg ships with your Armada as it will be necessary to undergo extensive repairs before going out again.

The better way is with a Kurlan Naiskos. Excavation or Relief Mission provide the artifact seeding place and Geology is readily available to any affiliation, though often not on great cards (except Klingons - Lursa), but then you do not go for personnel strength anyway. Load up the Naiskos, complete the crew classifications and hunt down two Borg Ships. Your ship will not get damaged if it is large enough, so you can complete the hunt in two turns. 90 points, plus 20 or 25 for the mission, enough to win even if you hit The Higher... the Fewer somewhere. Disadvantage: you need two Borg ships. But that's why this is called a trading card game, guys!

Favorite combo(s):

- Borg ship(s) + Kurlan Naiskos. An alternative to mission-solving.

Ratings for : BORG SHIP

Wesley's rating:                8.0
Jack's rating:                  9.5
John's rating:                  8.5
Q's rating:                     9.5
Tony's rating:                 10.0 
Hal's rating:                   7.8
Nick's rating:                  9.0
Ranger's rating:                9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.9

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