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so here's the real one for today, after paying off my debts. Check it out, we got a new rater - one I am just a little proud of. After "only" 196 COTD articles, finally some official recognition has entered this area of Cyberspace in the form of... Q!

To start this new era with something worthy:


Event, rare.
Plays on table. Bynars enhance each of your ship's WEAPONS +2 (Cumulative.)
"Binary race closely integrated with computers. Always work in pairs. Bynars have the ability to enhance specific computerized systems."
(For those who wonder why I took a card from the basic set, this one was a request)

Most of you will remember my frequent mention of the Klingon attack deck, a style that has been discussed here at lengths already. For those who don't, it mainly consists of K'Vort class ships (small and easy to fly) with one pilot each and a complement of a few crew to solve a mission (or just a Borg ship to destroy).

But the deck is only half complete without the cards you need to enhance your ships. And I already discussed the other three ship enhancers, Metaphasic and Nutational shields and the Captain's Log. But I'm still missing the core card of any deck of this kind - Bynars Weapon Enhancement.

At first it seems innocent enough, just one +2 boost instead of the +2 for each Engineer or Science which sounds a lot more. But remember a good attack deck needs to be able to destroy outposts and Borg Ships. To kill an outpost, you need a fleet with total Weapons of 33. Using the log alone, I can get the Pagh and the Hegh'ta to 10 Weapons each and add the Vorn and the Buruk for a total of 13 more = 33. Nine cards. (4 ships, 4 pilots and the Captain's Log.) Now I add the Bynars and drop the Buruk (and its pilot). Still 33 weapons. 8 cards. Let me add another Bynar and drop the Captain's log, allowing me to draw any three pilots instead of two very specific ones. Still 33 Weapons, still 8 cards. And better flexibility. Now for the Borg ship. Unless I have solid shields of 12 or better (which would require staffing my ships very well) I need to kill it in one shot. So I need 48 weapons points. Add a fifth ship - any K'Vort class ship - for 10 more points (at two Bynars). Total 43. Now I need a sixth staffed ship or another Bynar. Each one will net me 10 more points. Total 53. I lose my fleet but get 45 points. Which will be enough to win. remember, my opponent has no outpost and no ships, so what is he going to solve missions with? And a quick away team battle will just teach him attempting to get that Iconian Gateway - or you just let him, he won't likely make 45 with one mission and you can always be there for the second. Or just use six male and female love interests each...

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                8.5
Cole's rating:                  8.5
Conner's rating:                6.0
Heather's rating:               7.5
Jack's rating:                  8.1
John's rating:                  --- (He was so much in #200 fever, he 
                                    forgot the others :-)
Q's rating:                     9.5
Ray's rating:                   7.5
Tony's rating:                  9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.1

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