Wesley's STCCG card of the day #35

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Federation Personnel, rare.
Integrity: 8
Cunning: 6
Strength: 10
SECURITY, Honor x 2, Navigation, Diplomacy, Command Star(*).
"Lieutenant Worf is chief of security on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Klingon Warrior and Starfleet officer. Son of Mogh. Raised on Earth by foster parents."
This card is IMHO the second best Security officer in the game after Roga Danar. No Federation deck can really afford to be without him. One of the most overlooked abilities of Worf is the fact that he counts as a Klingon as well for cards as Klingon Death Yell(R) or Klingon Right of Vengeance(C). Especially in a mixed Klingon/Federation deck this ability makes for a good use of these otherwise not-so-useful interrupts.

Worf's Honor, Diplomacy and Navigation make him much more suited to mission-solving than to suck up Dilemmas, however in most decks he will provide the much needed security and thus the player is forced to expose these valuable skills. I might however leave him behind when I have both Roga Danar and Tasha Yar in my away team.

Worf's attributes make him one of the rare crewmembers who are quite proficient in all three areas. Especially as Strength is a bit on the low side for those little Feds, he can make up for this almost alone.

His major drawback is the (quite well-known) Worf-Wesley duel paradox. When these two characters come to battle one-on-one (I know this isn't legal with today's rules, but there might be a card for this someday... [Let's call it Conspiracy (event): Your Federation crew may now attack all affiliations.]) Wesley wins hands down as he's an Officer capable of leading an away team battle, but Worf is not. Well probably Worf is impaling himself on his Bat'Elth at this thought and that's why. :-)

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