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how about one more of those highly specialized cards of which the uses are hidden away so well most people won't find them ?


Event, uncommon QC.
Nullifies Mortal Q (plus any Calamarain). Your Q-Continuum is active again. Discard Event. (Immune to Kevin Uxbridge) OR Exchange for one Amanda Rogers or Q2 card from your discard pile.
"Following Q's 'selfless act', Q2 reluctantly restored his powers. He warned Q to try to stay out of trouble - just in time to save the Calamarain from further torment."
Before I start reviewing the strategic options, I'll submit this card to the unofficial one man rules committee and hope that this will be able to dissect the card text.

(Disclaimer: I do not say these answers are all correct, but I strongly suspect most of them are.)

So this dashes the hopes of players who want to use Immortal Again as a Calamarain Counter card (use an Uxbridge, guys!). But two uses remain and they are, while applicable only to rare situations, quite vital.

First, if you play a Q-Flash heavy deck, you'll need to be able to rely on those flashes, so an unplanned The Naked Truth can really screw with your plans. Better have an Immortal Again somewhere and restore your continuum as quickly as possible.

Sneaky variation: If your opponent hit The Naked Truth and you managed to send him a Mortal Q, use Immortal Again to nullify his Mortal Q and (well, this is void, but I'll mention it) reopen your (already open) Q-Continuum. Of course, he's now in the trouble that he'll have to Res-Q his Mortal Q to be able to do something about his situation. Throw in a Countermanda and start solving some missions without fearing any Q-Flashs.

Second use: If you think you might urgently need an Amanda or Q2 soon, get it from your discard pile without running the risk of being Countermanda'ed. Not very sensible wasting an Event for something an Interrupt could do nearly as well, but if you really fear a misplaced Countermanda, this might be an option.

But somehow, all this stuff depends on your opponent heavily using certain cards. So while vital, these functions are not what you need in every game. Thus, taking the card into your deck is not a very sensible option. Leaving it out isn't, either. So there's only one place to put the card: In your Q's tent. And be told, one of these beauties should go into every tent side deck belonging to an even half-decent deck, especially as retrieving the Event from the tent does not cost you an extra turn. Just do it at the start of your turn.

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Ratings for : IMMORTAL AGAIN

Wesley's rating:                7.5
Cole's rating:                  6.5
Data's rating:                  8.0
Drew's rating:                  8.6
Gowron's rating:                ---
Hal's rating:                   5.4
Jack's rating:                  4.1
Mot's rating:                   7.0
Nanite's rating:                4.0
Nog's rating:                   7.0
Nouwa's rating:                 7.1
Picarde's rating:               4.5
Q's rating:                     5.0
Ranger's rating:                6.7
Rothspar's rating:              7.0
Tebok's rating:                 7.0
Tony's rating:                  8.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.6

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