Wesley's STCCG card of the day #31

Hi, folks,

before we return to one more member of our beloved bridge crew, let's just take a quick look at one of my favorite interrupts:


Interrupt, uncommon.
Nullifies any one Interrupt card just played (except Kevin Uxbridge or another Amanda Rogers) OR any one Artifact just played as an Interrupt card.
"Female Q raised as a human on earth. Was taken to the Q continuum by Q after she could not resist the benevolent use of her powers."
This is a very defensive card. Its use is to ensure your own flow of the game when your opponent tries to disrupt you with some or another nasty interrupt. Prime candidates for Amanda's power are The Devil(R) when used on my Horga'hn(R), Crosis(R) (turning the tide in about any rogue Borg attack) and Disruptor overload(C).

A less obvious use of Amanda is to nullify interrupts your opponent plays on himself. Although most players will be smart enough to use her on a Palor Toff(C), I also like nullifying any Scan-type card or Particle fountain(C). The latter play once saved me a game when I could keep my opponent on 95 and then pass 100 points on my next turn. Needless to say he was p*ss*d :-)

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : AMANDA ROGERS

Wesley's rating:                8.0
Jon's rating:                   8.6
Allen Castaban's rating:       10.0
Tim Kwong's rating:             8.5
Jason's rating:                 8.5
Habib's rating:                 8.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.8


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