Wesley's STCCG card of the day #33

Hi, folks,

today I'm reviewing the one card everybody either hates or loves (and I've never seen any player having just one in their deck - either it's none or it's heaps!):


Interrupt, common.
Plays on any occupied ship. Battles crew now and at the start of every players' turn. Two Borg=2 STRENGTH each, three =3 each, etc. Surviving Borg remain.
"Upon High's retuen to the Borg collective, the Borg became self-aware. Soon, many unquestioningly followed their first leader, Lore."
This is a card that has two distinct uses and also probably the one card for which the possible combos have a little too obviously been presented in the card texts.

The first use of RB is of course mass elimination of opponents' crews. With a force of six or more RB you are pretty sure to cause some damage and if you get a lucky draw for the first one killed you'll eliminate that officer and take free shots at the rest of the crew.

Note that battle occurs twice every full turn so five RB will only last three turns should they get on the losing side.

The more subtle (and even more devastating) use of the RB is playing them one at a time at the start of your opponent's turn. Although the RB is easily beaten, the crew is stopped for that turn and next turn you can play another RB.
So it is essentially a half-strength Temporal Rift, too. Actually it's better than that as you can also attack the affected ship without fearing the retaliation shot.

Favorite combo(s):

-Rogue Borg (x5) + Crosis + Lore returns on a ship that just wanted to leave an opponent's outpost: As soon as the battle is over beam the RB down to the outpost and Uxbridge her Red Alert: She'll never play a single personnel that won't get killed. (Hey, that was a tournament win for me!)

Ratings for : ROGUE BORG

Wesley's rating:                7.0
Jon's rating:                   5.0
Allen Castaban's rating:        5.0
Tim Kwong's rating:             9.0
Jason's rating:                 9.0
Habib's rating:                 6.5
Bryan's rating:
Data's rating:
AVERAGE RATING:                 
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