Habib's STCCG card of the day #20

Hello all and now I am finally back. I decided to take the Easter weekend off and then some internet trouble delayed me another day. Well anyway here I am and I'm ready to discuss a great interrupt card. It's...


"Immortal omnipotent being called a Douwd. Lived secretly as a human. Took a human wife who was killed by the Husnocks at Delta Rana IV."
Destroys any one Event card in play (except for Treaty cards) OR any one artifact in play as an Event card.
This is a great card to have. There really isn't much strategy to it though. It's basically a good card and will work in almost any deck. Cards I usually cancel with it:

I recomment you use this card in every deck unless your opponent uses hardly any events.

Card rating
1=worst 10=best

Habib's rating=9.5
Wesley Crusher's rating=10
Matt Hubbard's rating=9.9
Jason's rating=8.5
Jon Wilson's rating=9
J. Holt Kernodle's rating=10

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