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Classic COTD #11


Artifact, rare.
Place in hand until played on table as an event (supernova can be played on later turn) OR as an interrupt (prevents supernova). Discard after use.
"Dangerous quantum phase inhibitor invented in the future by Kal Dano who hid it in the 22nd century for safekeeping."

A card with one okay use and one lousy "use".

Lousy one first. Prevent a Supernova. Yeah, great. You use up an Artifact to do what any Kevin Uxbridge could do as well and with a lot more flexibility. While this might actually be sensible once in a while (you have no Uxbridge in hand and your oponent is just going to blow up your outpost and your last ENGINEER), usually you are better off using the Uthat for your own Supernova and avenge your outpost by blowing up your opponent's. Of course this assumes you have a Supernova in your deck. Which won't necessarily be true if you have just stolen your opponent's Tox Uthat. That's why they put in this use in the first place. But then, which opponent is going to play with two Tox Uthats? And only in this case would it be possible to make use of this second ability.

And the okay use? Allows you to play a

(COTD 272 1/2)


Event, rare.
You must have Tox Uthat on table. Place atop any mission. Everything here is destroyed (discarded), but leave Mission card underneath for span reference.
"The explosion of a star, usually caused by natural processes toward the end of its life cycle."

(joining both reviews here)

This two-card combo is actually not really a combo. It is rather one card with the extra requirement that half of it must be drawn and half of it is buried under a mission. And as both have only minimal or no use on their own, they have to be viewed together.

So let's add up: You need to solve a mission and draw a certain card. Then, you use up two turns to destroy a single location. Which usually will be either the location your opponent has just assembled her entire crew or the location of her outpost. As a bonus, you nix any Artifacts that might have been buried there and prevent her from scoring any points at that place.

Many of these functions, singly, can be accomplished be less troublesome means: Destroying an outpost is a job for an Armada, and getting rid of a crew can as well be accomplished by a well-armed ship or a few Temporal Rifts played in sequence (after all, if she's still there after you held her crew for six turns, you should revise the rest of your deck) - Artifact denial can be duplicated with the Charybdis and if you go for point draining, I might recommend Edo Probes, The Higher... and Punishment Zones. Works as well. So why use Supernova? It's quite versatile, yes. But it's vulnerable (your opponent Uxbridges your Uthat and you got a dead card in your hand) and in most decks, you have the cards with a specific of the four functions in mind. Add them if they support a theme you are building (like Klingon Armada / Outpost Elimination), but don't just feel tempted to throw them in because they have a powerful effect.

Favorite combo(s):

- Yeah, well, I think you know this one. Even if you didn't figure out #270, you should be able to get this

Ratings for :                   TOX UTHAT SUPERNOVA

Wesley's rating:                4.5       4.4
Allen's rating:                 3.4       6.2
Cole's rating:                  7.0       7.0
Data's rating:                  7.0       7.0
Drew's rating:                  8.5       ---
Gowron's rating:                9.5       9.0
Hal's rating:                   4.0       5.0
Jack's rating:                  6.5       6.5
Lakanta's rating:               9.0       8.5
Nanite's rating:                9.0       8.0
Nouwa's rating:                 6.0       6.0
Picarde's rating:               8.0       8.0
Q's rating:                     9.5       9.5
Ranger's rating:                8.0       9.1
Ray's rating:                   6.9       7.1
Tania's rating:                 5.0       5.0
Tony's rating:                  9.0       9.0
Wa'Qah's rating:                5.0       4.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.0       7.0

Phew! Those averages came out nearly identical (some slight advantage of about .05 for Uthat) . Would have been really disappointed had they been far apart...

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