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Today it's time for a BIG nasty:


Event, uncommon AU.
Plays on table. When opponent reports a unique personnel for duty, opponent draws no cards at end of that turn.
"Zakdorn quartermaster controlling the Starfleet surplus depot at Qualor II. A typical bureaucrat of the type that delights in delays that make life difficult for officers"
Bureaucrat ? Hmm. Sounds I invented this some time before (See the Dream Card article on Court-Martial), and of course we play this with the house rule "Unless Bureaucracy present, opponent draws..." and our Dream Card personnel.

But back to the real game. This card is awful. Unless you happen to have it on your side. Even the poorest kid has some unique uncommons and every time one of them is played, you lose a card draw, effectively halving your throughput in cards. And you cannot even circumvent it with some extra draw effects like the Traveler. Only a Kivas works here. And that one costs you your card play for that turn. Dang.

At least there is one card that partially neutralizes it: Red Alert! If you have an Alert on the table, you can at least dispose of a lot of uniques at the same time. And lose only one card draw with it. Which gets me to the best killer combo since Gaps in Normal Space + Subspace Warp Rift: Klim Dokachim + Yellow Alert! Play these two, and your opponent will need at least TWO Uxbridges to get back to any kind of speed unless he plays a deck with nearly all universal crew. And while he's getting those two Kevins, you score some points. Like 100. Or so. Of course that means nuking your own Red Alert, so you'd better have some decent crew on the table before you play the Yellow Alert. Or you just Uxbridge your opponent's Red Alert before playing Klim and he'll be busy getting it back out of his discard pile. (Remember- only one Red Alert per deck under tourney rules!).

IMHO this card became way too strong. Like Red Alert itself. It becomes more and more a match on who draws which cards first. If I get my Alert out before you get your Klim and you can't nuke it, I am safe. Other wise I'm in trouble. We will see yet more Kevins now. Almost a little boring. Like Channel in Magic.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : KLIM DOKACHIM

Wesley's rating:                9.5 power, 1.0 for fun.
Cole's rating:                  9.3
Conner's rating:                5.0
Hal's rating:                   7.5
Heather's rating:               9.9
Jack's rating:                  9.0
John's rating:                  8.0
Lore's rating:                  4.0 (*)
Movar's rating:                 9.5
Ray's rating:                   7.5
Serge's rating:                 9.0
Tony's rating:                  9.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.7

(*)Lore obviously misread the card (judged from his comment). He thought it was
"Play if opponent reports a unique personnel. Next turn, he won't draw a card." But for this it would have to be an interrupt (playable on his turn!). It is easy to misread BTW. Just place the punctuation a little differently and you actually get his interpretation. Grammatically correct and everything! Rating not figured in for average.

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