Wesley's STCCG card of the day #146

Hi, folks,

today I'm making an attempt at reviewing AU's most powerful card (IMHO) and I am pretty sure I did not get all uses of:


Doorway, rare AU.
Allows you to play a card "from the future". Whether or not you currently have a Devidian Door in your hand, at any time say "Devidian Door" and play (to anywhere) one personnel or Equipment card from your hand. However, any time during your next turn, you must show opponent a Devidian Door from your hand and place it out-of-play or you lose the game.
Okay, where do I start this one?
Probably with the final rating first: This one is a gamebreaker. Will go right next to the Black Lotus of Magic in terms of what is a too-fast card.

Uses for this one abound:

Caveat: You should only use it if you don't have it in hand, if you

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : DEVIDIAN DOOR

Wesley's rating:               11.0 (Oops... make that 10)
Brad's rating:                  9.0
Cole's rating:                  6.0 
Hal's rating:                   5.2
Heather's rating:               7.0
John's rating:                  6.5
Lore's rating:                  8.2
Jack's rating:                  6.0
Matt's rating:                  7.5
Mike's rating:                  7.5
Movar's rating:                10.0
Serge's rating:                10.0
Tony's rating:                  4.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.5

Don't ask me where the 4's and 5's come from, but if I had realized the value of a Lotus on the first day, I'd be a really rich man by now :-) (In the beginning they were traded for Serra Angels, you guys probably know better and keep your Devidian Doors...)

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