Wesley's STCCG card of the day #141

Hi, folks,

here it is: Wesley's first AU card of the day (and this time "Wesley's" gets a rather double-edged taste as this thing originally was my idea [back in summer] and they USED IT!!! ) But I'll keep the review as objective as possible.


Interrupt, common AU.
One SECURITY personnel present may sacrifice (substitute) for another per- sonnel who has been randomly selected to die.
"Charged with ship and mission safety, security personnel are willing to voluntarily expose themselves to hazards or threats, as Tasha Yar did on many occasions."
So, finally a use for those redshirt guys (tho we should call them yellow- shirts in this game). SECURITY, until now was a useful skill, but only for avoiding Dilemmas. And this is of course the catch. As you don't really need the SECURITY guy once you're past the Dilemmas, it's a great way to save a key crewmember for the mission you were just doing. But it would not be a Wesley's card, were it not for a great abusive combo. Mind you, it says "selected to die", not "died":

Play a Genetronic Replicator. This saves your crew if you have two MEDICAL. Unless one of your MEDICALs is affected, that is. And that's where the Security sacrifice comes into play. Replace the dying MEDICAL by the SECURITY (use Roga Danar for Shock value), then show off with the replicator and the two doctors and get your SECURITY back for another use. Repeat with a new Sec. Sac. whenever necessary. (Or just Palor your Sacrifice back out of the Discard Pile :-) ). Especially valuable if there is a "half of crew dies" condition or something like that.

Now a quick bonus: Wesley's Original (which was a little bit stronger)


Interrupt, common, No longer a Dream card.
Discard SECURITY or a crewmember with INTEGRITY > 6 from crew or away team to resurrect a just killed personnel card.
"Highly integer crewmembers sometimes lay down their own life for the better of their crewmates or the sake of the current mission. Security personnel sometimes do the same unvoluntarily."
Picture: Wesley (The real one, not Wil Wheaton), lying sprawled on the floor, with some rather unhealthy-looking dark red patterns on his face.
Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                8.0
Jack's rating:                  7.5
Cole's rating:                  7.7
Serge's rating:                 7.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.55 (not too many raters today...)

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