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Interrupt, print run 500,000. Promotional.
Nullifies Calamarain OR doubles Data's Head this turn OR retakes one ship controlled by Lore returns so that Lore and Rogue Borg now follow your direction.
"When Lt. Commander Data rescued the temporarily mortal Q from the Calamarain in 2366, Q awarded him with the gift of laughter."
One card, three ways to play.

1) Nullifies Calamarain. We'll see. Perhaps next expansion. Until then, not very useful :-)
2) retake a RB controlled ship and control it yourself. Take some revenge. In the not so likely case your ship has completely been run over by RB before the game is over, play Data Laughing and start shooting at your opponent. Not a bad ability, but too rarely usable. Like almost never.
3) double Data's Head for a turn. Now we are getting somewhere. An additional Cunning of 10 plus Computer Skill plus the +4/+4/+4 on the ship, seems like a good thing to me.

Wait?!? Do I smell something here? The strongest weapons are 10, right? On the Edo vessel and the FE. Plus two for Bynars, two for the head and two for Data laughing makes 16. Add a Kurlan Naiskos for a whopping 48. Goodbye Borg ship! With one shot!!! (Works better with the FE as there is no risk of having the attack nullified). And at Range 51 (for FE) you are not likely to get stranded.

The Shields of 39 (again, FE) are only a bonus, nobody really needs more than 24. Works best if you have two Borg ships at locations you know. (No, you don't need three as you have to solve at least one mission to get the artifacts). But you have some time to spare, as your opponent's outpost won't last that long (nor will her ships).

Oh, what's so Data Laughing about this strategy? Easy, it gets you the final points needed to push yourself up to the magic 48.

To finalize: One really good use, one very limited and one unknown yet (but maybe very good.) For the time being, more of a collector's card than one you urgently need for your play deck. Only cool. (What is this?)

Oh, BTW: this cute little card was a gift to me by Conner. Now if some store wants a well-read advertising line right here, I could still use a Future Enterprise... :-)

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Ratings for : DATA LAUGHING

Wesley's rating:                6.574839201, to be exact :-)
Cole's rating:                  7.0
Conner's rating:                6.5
Hal's rating:                   5.5
Heather's rating:               8.7
Jack's rating:                  5.4
John's rating:                  6.5
Lore's rating:                  6.0
Movar's rating:                 8.0
Ray's rating:                   ---
Serge's rating:                 6.0
Tony's rating:                  7.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.6

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