Wesley's STCCG card of the day #222

Hi, folks,

there's that one card I got more requests for than for all others together.
There also was that one card I was unable to get...
..until NOW!

So I'll delay this no further and give you what you all waited for...

.. the ...


Ship, Federation, way too rare AU.
Range 13
Weapons 10
Shields 9
Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam, requires 1 Command (*), 0 Staff (+), 3 AU Icons. AU.
"Commanded by Admiral Riker in an alternate future, U.S.S. Enterprise-D was fitted with a third warp engine nacelle, greatly enhancing its speed and power."
Okay, a ship with incredible stats. 13 range is fast. Really fast. So I would want to get this one flying really early to take advantage of its speed, right? And then I look at the crew requirements and find I have to take four people aboard, three of them having an AU icon. If I put all decent AU personnel usable by Feds in my draw deck (all four of them) I'll wait for 75% of the game before I finally can staff it. Nah. Not my idea of speed. So I'll have to resort to another way of getting my AU crew into play. Cryosatellite for example. Which improves my reliability in drawing them quite a bit. And one of the three seeded personnel should be a Lakanta to make really good use of the high speed, but I guess you knew that before I told you. But wait a second, if I have to recover an artifact anyway to make good use of my flagship, why shouldn't I throw in a Kurlan Naiskos as well? With Rachel Garrett, Major Rakal and Lakanta I already have four classifications. Let's throw a few Vekors in my draw deck and some SECURITY. Vekor has that Command Star, so I'm prepared to get going. At 39/30/27. Let's hunt Borg ships or missions, to taste, ship stats are no longer a concern.

But on second thought, I have just used an artifact to get my ship ready. If I instead had used a plain Enterprise I could have seeded a Data's Head instead of the satellite. For an 11/10/11 ship. Hmm. equally good in terms of total stats. Just lacks that cloaking device. Which is not so useful for a really strong ship anyway. The other affiliations had to gain more from their holodecks. Only difference: If I for some reason cannot retrieve my artifact, I can still fly my 9/8/9.

So much for this incredible hyped-about card. It's like Magic's Leviathan: If you can get it to work, it is big. Really big. No, bigger than that. It is BIG. :-). It's just that the costs are so prohibitively high that by the time you make it work, you've lost the game.

Favorite combo(s):

- If any: Future Enterprise + Cryosatellite + Kurlan Naiskos + Lakanta: Total spaceline dominance. If I could only get that *?(&% Wartime conditions to work more reliably...


Wesley's rating:                3.0 (-3 for its insane price tag)
Cole's rating:                  5.0
Conner's rating:                8.0
Data's rating:                  ---
Hal's rating:                   4.0
Heather's rating:               9.0
Jack's rating:                  8.5
John's rating:                  9.0
Lore's rating:                 10.0 (*)                
Q's rating:                     8.5
Ranger's rating:                ---
Ray's rating:                   7.0
Tony's rating:                  9.7
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.4

(*) Lore (ancient rater dinosaur :-) ) came back for one final rating. He is now more that busy doing his own COTD for a different cardgame, which is also reflected by the fact that he now refers to himself as Gandalf. Resquiat in pacem.

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