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Interrupt, common QC.
Play to immediately end your turn, delaying until the end of your next turn everything which must happen at the end of this turn, including card draws.
"Subspace communications are sometimes abruptly terminated by the transmitter."
First what you can't do with this card: Delaying the inevitable in the hopes of drawing something that might save you. At least unless you hold a Kivas Fajo or a Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch. Because you don't get your usual draw.

You also can't say "well, at the end of my turn, my opponent gets a turn, so that'll be delayed until the end of my next turn and I sneak in a turn I need to win..." Nice try, but I doubt the Decipher rule guys will let it go through.

Third thing that won't work: Using it as a "Last Stand" (Interrupt, almost made Internet Expansion II - when a player draws his/her last card, play Last Stand and continue play for 3 full turns in which nobody may draw cards). Because it doesn't help against things that must happen at the end of opponent's turn and you can't play it on an opponent's turn because you just can't end your turn when it's not your turn in the first place (obvious, eh?).

Now what will work? Delaying drawing your last card if you are way ahead in a tournament game and need one more turn to gain 100 points and make it a 2-point victory instead of a 1-pointer. Or getting an extra play turn when your trailing by just a few points and have set up a sure combination to overtake your opponent next turn.

Also, you can save a ship slated to return from a Temporal Rift into a pending Anti-Time Anomaly or get enough time to get an ENGINEER to a ship with a Warp Core Breach or a SECURITY to extinguish a Plasma Fire. There are a few more like these (Hyper-Aging, REM Fatigue Hallucinations) but the principle remains the same. And in most of these cases, a Distortion of Space/Time Continuum would help you just as much and give you some extra play possibilities as well.

At best, a card for a deck that relies on drawing all of its cards at an insane speed and then taking a few turns with the full complement of crew and ships on the table. But I doubt the effectiveness of that concept as too many of your cards will be used to either draw more cards or later avoid drawing cards. It was a nice idea, but it should have been playable on opponent's turn as well, to avoid deck exhaustion strategies (a little errata, Decipher folks ?)

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                4.0
Allen's rating:                 6.5
Cole's rating:                  7.5
Data's rating:                  7.5
Jack's rating:                  6.4
Nanite's rating:                8.0
Nouwa's rating:                 6.0
Picarde's rating:               6.5
Q's rating:                     6.5
Rothspar's rating:              6.5
Tania's rating:                 5.5
Tony's rating:                  4.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.2

Several raters mentioned End Transmission + Devidian Door. Okay, you used the Door ability without having the door, so you delay it with End Transmission. But how are you going to draw your Door? (Though it'll work if you can stall long enough to make your opponent run out of cards and still stay ahead in points without going over 100)

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