Wesley's STCCG card of the day #237

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this card should have the shortest flavor text in the game:


Dilemma, either, uncommon.
5 points.
No one aboard can dream. Entire crew dies in three of your full turns unless 3 MEDICAL present OR ship returns to outpost first.
"A crew can go insane from lack of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep."
This card alone has some potential. Seeded at a spaceline location as far away from an outpost as possible, it will nearly always net you something sensible unless your opponent has one of the Beverlys in play or uses a Medical Kit.

3 of something is always a harsh requirement, and most players just will not wait that long before starting to attempt missions (or if they do they'll usually get run over by fast decks). So then the player hit has the choice of losing his entire crew for the rest of the game or for at least a few turns while flying back to the outpost to save them. But this card already screams for other cards to fully explore its potential.

Female's love interests are the all-around Bev remover and might also hit some other MEDICAL staff, thus increasing your chances of hitting in the first place. Second is the good ole Disruptor Overload, if your opponent uses that Medkit, it will quite often be the only equipment card present. But the best prefix is a Tarellian Plague Ship. Who has 4 MEDICAL???

So now you have hit, let's do something to get maximum effectiveness from the Dilemma. Your prime task will now be stopping that ship headed back to the outpost. If you have an attacker capable of hurting the ship, just shoot, even if you get damaged in return. You will usually be able to repair yor ship, but your opponent will find the distance to the outpost just that much greater. Just take into account a desperate opponent might attack back next turn and take you with him.

Even nastier for this purpose are Rogue Borg, played one by one for stopping purposes. Before the ship starts moving, play a RB and stop the crew. Repeat once more and you already have most of the work done. You might not even need the third RB.

Now there remains a rules question: Does Temporal Rift help? The FAQ does not answer this, but I would say no (from Trek sense). The crew is time-teleported to the future so their insanity does not increase in that time. The Dilemma is just delayed two turns. Same for Time Travel Pod. And the best place to seed this Dilemma? Diplomatic Conference. It affects all crews of all ships where any away team members present came from. Chances are you'll hit many ships with just one card.

Favorite combo(s):

- Rem Fatigue Hallucinations + a Rogue Borg or two.


Wesley's rating:                7.5
Cole's rating:                  6.8
Data's rating:                  8.0
Jack's rating:                  6.0
John's rating:                  7.5
Q's rating:                     5.0
Ray's rating:                   7.5
Richard's rating:               6.8
Tony's rating:                  6.5
Tania's rating:                 7.5
Hal's rating:                   5.0
Nick's rating:                  4.0
Heather's rating:               7.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.3

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