Wesley's STCCG card of the day #166

Hi, folks,

here's another AU variant of an existing card (Uh, guess I'll make a mini-series of these)


Personnel, Federation, rare AU.
Integrity 8
Cunning 8
Strength 4
OFFICER, MEDICAL x2, Leadership, Biology, Command Star (*), AU Icon.
"Captain of medical ship U.S.S. Pasteur in 2395 in an alternate timeline. Although divorced from Jean-Luc Picard, she never could say no to him."
Just to prove not all AU variants are better than the originals. For an Exobiology skill (rare and valuable) you get a Leadership (all too common) and for 1 Strength point, you recieve the really valueless OFFICER classification. Although the benefit of the AU icon ("multiland" effect) also applies for this card, you still lose more than you gain.

Half of Bev Crusher's superior play value was the fact that her skills matched very well and she could even solve a 35 point mission (Evaluate Terraforming) on her own. Now this trait is lost and you instead get the totally unrelated Leadership which will not help you that much in a bridge crew deck.

And there's another point to remember: Tsiolkovsky infection. The real Bev just loses one of her two MEDICAL, but the AU thing loses both (read the FAQ if you don't believe this!)

And the last point that is worse than the original: Gates McFadden without her makeup :-)

So don't misunderstand me: She's still a good card. Just not as good as the real thing. But cheaper. So she will be another Thomas Riker: Craved by people who don't have enough cash for real Bridge Crew, but neglected by all those suitcase players with the entire set.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : BEVERLY PICARD

Wesley's rating:                7.5
Cole's rating:                  9.0
Conner's rating:                6.0
Heather's rating:               9.75
Jason's rating:                 ---
Matt's rating:                  7.0
Movar's rating:                 8.5
Serge's rating:                 8.0
Tony's rating:                  8.0
John's rating:                  8.5
Hal's rating:                   9.0
Lore's rating:                  9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.2

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