Wesley's STCCG card of the day #128

Hi, folks,

here comes another one:


Dilemma, Space, rare.
Place aboard ship. It is now infected. Mission can continue but all personnel, while aboard, lose their first-listed skill. Cure with 3 MEDICAL to discard.
"Variety of water-based Psi 2000 virus. Passed by perspiration. Creates dan- gerous intoxication-like instability among a crew."
Yes, this card is annoying :-)

And most personnel really lose something valuable. Their best skill in most cases. The bad thing about it, it is not for long. At least in most cases. Ya see, it goes away once the crew has left the ship and boarded another one. The *ship* is still infected, but the crew regains their full health. (not very realistic, btw) Also, for the same reason, it does not distract from any skill relevant to planet missions (crew is off ship, so no disease) And it does not even stop the crew, it just sits there...

But wait, this could actually be the key for some creative uses! If I place it before a Dilemma that requires some skills (not classifications), I might cause a lot of trouble! (They HAVE to go on! ) So let's try that.

Q could be a good choice (leadership), Nagilum might prove even better against Feds; Shaka, Gravitic Mine and Null Space also gain some momentum. So THAT's how to gain some serious advantage from it...

Oh, BTW: There are a few personnel which are close to immune from this thing. First of all (and well in line with the episode) there's Wesley, who loses his Youth (!) instead of his ENGINEERing or Computer Skill, to a lesser extent the two Duras sisters (Treachery), Toral (his half Leadership), Mendak (again Treachery), Movar and Taul (ditto), Etana Jol (yet again Treachery), Baran and Bok (the absolutely useless Greed) and last not least Ocett (Archaeology instead of Honor or Navigation).
(And this proves that Decipher at least SOMETIMES thinks before creating cards :-) )

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:             5.5
Lore's rating:               8.1
Owen's rating:               9.0
Ian's rating:                8.0
Jack's rating:               6.8
Jason's rating:              7.0
Cole's rating:               6.5
Mark's rating:               6.0  
AVERAGE RATING:              7.1

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