Wesley's STCCG card of the day #55

Q'aPlaH ,

it's a Klingon today:


Personnel, Klingon, rare.
Integrity 2
Cunning 8
Strength 7
V.I.P., Treachery, Leadership, Physics, Greed, Youth, Command Star (*)
"Plotted with Lursa to seize power from Gowron with the support of the Romulans. Younger of the two Duras sisters. The pretty one."
Well, at last a pretty female. Hey, we didn't have one since when? Deanna?
No, I was asking about PRETTY ones... Must be even longer.
OK, but who am I to judge the artwork, my job is to review the game effects of the cards. So I guess I'll do just that.

What do we get for our money here? Let's start with the less useful things. Greed, for example. Doesn't help. Youth. Not that much better, although quite uncommon amongst Klingons (I counted 5). Physics. Nice for a few missions, most of them Space stuff. (Notable exception: Relief Mission, quick 20 points) Leadership and Treachery. Both relatively common among Klingons, compared to the other affiliations. But both very useful. That stuff comes in handy for a Pegasus Search and for quite a few missions that require multiple Treachery. The V.I.P. classification serves for nothing. Well except for Kurlan Naiskos, but there are V.I.P.'s galore amongst those red cards. Civilians are more of a problem.

Cunning and Strength are way above average, however Integrity sucks. Even if we some day got an Integrity enhancer analog to the Phasers and Padd's (+2) we will still be stuck 1 point low for Firestorm.

Facit: Not a "must have" card, but still one of the better Klingons. But anyway Klingons are an affiliation almost unplayable without some serious non-aligned support. They have lousy Medicals, weak Engineers and only two of their Officers have more than two skills. Bearing this in mind, B'Etor's 4 1/2 skills (well, Greed is currently useless, so 1/2) really do stand out.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : B'ETOR

Wesley's rating:               10.0 for the looks,  5.5 for game usefulness.
Allen Castaban's rating:        9.5
Data's rating:                  ---
Habib's rating:                 8.0
Bryan's rating:                 5.0
Jeff's rating:                  8.8 (That cleavage...) [Quote!]
Holt Kernodle's rating:         7.5
Jack's rating:                  7.5
Jason's rating:                 7.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.4

PS: I guess a "hot babes" CCG should be a market hit, by the reactions my raters gave to the photo on this card :-) . We really should give her a "Seduction" skill...

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