Habib's STCCG card of the day #21

Hello again and welcome to Habib's Card of the Day. Today's card is great if it works, the problem is, it doesn't work all the time.


"Q-created phenomena. Rift caused by anti-time particles in the future. Anomaly grows backward in time endangering all life in the past."
Plays on table. Kills literally ALL personnel on table (both players' cards) at the end of your third full turn, unless anti-time anomaly destroyed first.
If you can get this card to work, it's great. The problem is that your opponent has three turns to get a Kevin Uxbridge in their hand to cancel it, usually this happens. So when you play it be sure to have a Q2 in hand to cancel Kevin.

There are two good ways to play this card. One is to play it right away, before you have many personnel out. Hopefully your opponent has gotten their Red Alert and played most of their personnel already.

The other good way is to pack your deck with Temporal Rifts to avoid the effects of the anomaly. You can Temporal Rift yourself just before it kills everyone and you will not be harmed. Or you can use the Time Travel Pod in the same way.

Card rating
1=worst 10=best

Habib's rating=7.5
Wesley Crusher's rating=8.5
Matt Hubbard's rating=4.5
J. Holt Kernodle's rating=8
Jason's rating=8
Jon Wilson's rating=7

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