Wesley's STCCG card of the day #219

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Let's make another move towards the next expansion...
Uh - another move?
As in


Interrupt, uncommon
Any one ship and its Away Team may immediately make another move.
"Time effects can be caused by the unusual rifting or warping of space."
Now this might be the card with the fewest words in the entire game... But it definitely has some value. You probably remember what I keep preaching here almost every day: Speed and Flexibility. And this card has "Speed" written all over it.

How to use ?

Well, first, you can use it as a somewhat weaker version of Transwarp Conduit. A little weaker for the reason that you cannot just double the range but have to abide by the single range twice:

Example (for those of you who didn't see it right away)

Mission spans: *-3-4-3-3-2-3.
                 A B C D E F

I have the Enterprise (Range 9) at *. With Transwarp conduit I can now fly 18 steps to location F. With a Distortion I have to stop after 9 (which I cannot use up, so I wind up at B) and then take another move for 9 (of which I again can use only 8), leaving me at E. But I guess this gets compensated for by the other uses.

Use number two: Sarjenka or any other Dilemma that didn't critically hurt me but would leave me stopped for the rest of the turn. Just unstop the Away Team and go on!

Number three: Nullify a single Rogue Borg played on a ship with the intention to stop that ship. One of his cards, one of my cards. Fair trade.

Fourth: Trigger-happy Klingons can finish off a ship before it can fly the wrong way and make me waste time in pursuit. This use can actually save me not one but two turns as I avoid not only the pursuit but also the way back.

Five: Under the influence of Cytherians plus Birth of Junior, gain another move with a relatively high Range. Might save you several turns!

Six: Beam down somewhere, eliminate an opponent's lone crewmember with a quick phaser shot and get back aboard to go where you really wanted to go.

Enough? Well, think so. You might find more variations over these themes in play. Oh, and if you want to get really nasty, throw a Transwarp conduit plus the Distortion on a ship for almost quadruple range if you really need that! (Transwarp conduit says "this turn", not "this move"!!!)

I once did this in really impressive fashion in a BIG 200-card, 30 mission, 300 points game: Kurlan Naiskos on my Enterprise (27), doubled by the conduit (54) and enhanced by a Distortion (about 108) to fly along 80% of the spaceline and, just for fun, doing 9 missions in that one turn. Needless to say this was the last turn of that game ;-)

Favorite combo(s):

- Distortion + Transwarp Conduit: What was that streak of light?


Wesley's rating:                8.5
Cole's rating:                  7.8
Conner's rating:                7.0
Data's rating:                  7.0
Hal's rating:                   9.5
Heather's rating:               8.0
Jack's rating:                  8.1
John's rating:                  6.5
Q's rating:                     7.5
Ranger's rating:                7.5
Ray's rating:                   5.4
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.8

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