Wesley's STCCG card of the day #231

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is anybody still reading this stuff? Normally, when I was away four days without signing off, I quickly got to regret that as I got at least three (more often ten) messages saying "Hey, what's up?", but this time nobody complained. Is it that the cards are getting boring? (Complaints in this direction should go to Decipher, and I'll also start the next Internet expansion at #250). Okay, you also want a card, don't you?


Personnel, Romulan/Federation, rare AU.
Integrity 5
Cunning 8
Strength 5
CIVILIAN, Staff Star (+), AU Icon.
Romulan: Treachery, Greed.
Federation: OFFICER, Treachery, Integrity -1
"Former Federation officer who defected to Romulus in 2349. Later, apparently had second thoughts. Joined Spock's Romulan underground in 2369."
One of those cards that instantly triggered the "why did they do this" questions from my raters. I'll answer that question first. They had a new concept. Dual affiliation. Then they created Major Rakal. Now of course this is a rare and they wanted more probability for players to actually draw one of these dual affiliation cards. So they looked around and found that the sensible ones like K'Ehleyr had already been made as normal cards. Then, this minor character was found and thus we have another Romulan/Federation dual.

Now, if they had used my original dual-affiliation concept (They allowed the two affiliations to work together at that particular location - like Diplomatic Conference), this would have been a sensible card. As it stands, you have a Romulan CIVILIAN. Something you need if you want to play a Rommie deck with Kurlan Naiskos. Only his remaining abilities suck. Treachery is common for Romulans and Greed is not really useful unless you use Latinum Payoff (which actually somewhat works together with the Naiskos). But if I need a CIVILIAN for my Naiskos I can as well use Berlingoff Rasmussen. Same skills, plus Archaeology plus his special ability. And his lower Integrity doesn't hurt me as I don't plan to take the card to any planet missions (what for?). Or I use D'Tan if I fear Firestorms coming my way.

You could of course also have a Federation CIVILIAN with Treachery. Hmm. Did somebody say Nikolai Rozhenko? No? Shame on you. Instead of Greed he has Computer Skill and Anthropology, two skills that might come in handy. Unlike Greed in a Federation deck.

Now somebody could argue that I might be playing a Romulan/Federation treaty deck and do not want to waste two CIVILIANS on that Naiskos. Too bad for that somebody that Rasmussen is non-aligned and thus even better suited to treaty decks.

Favorite combo(s):

- If I must choose anything: DeSeve + Kurlan Naiskos + Decius + Latinum Payoff

Ratings for : STEFAN DeSEVE

Wesley's rating:                2.0
Cole's rating:                  3.5
Data's rating:                  5.0
Jack's rating:                  4.0
John's rating:                  5.0
Q's rating:                     6.0 (?????)
Ray's rating:                   3.5
Richard's rating:               ---
Tony's rating:                  4.0
Tania's rating:                 5.5
Hal's rating:                   1.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 3.95

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