Wesley's STCCG card of the day #158

Hi, folks,

now that a certain Romulan fan has (very politely) apologized I'll show I do not hold a grudge for long and proceed with something really Romulan:


Ship, Romulan, rare AU.
Range 10
Weapons 9
Shields 8
Requires 1 Command (*), 1 Staff (+), 1 AU.
Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam, AU Icon.
"Powerful ship created in Barash's illusion. Commanded by Tomalak. Transported Admiral Picard and Deanna Troi to a Romulan peace conference."
Okay, for the Rommie fans, I'll take their "future" ship first, you'll probably see the Future Enterprise and the Fek'lhr later on this channel:-)

Anyway, the basic principle behind these three ships is simple: You get an awesome ship but you dearly pay for it in terms of crew requirements. Or in this particular case, do you really?

You need three personnel, as with any regular D'Deridex. The only difference here is that instead of the second staff you need an AU personnel. And this is, for our Romulan friends, NOT A GOOD THING (TM).

Actually, there's only two sensible solutions (Cmdr Tomalak sux and he does not even gain the Captain's log benefit, Ajur and Boratus have limited use and Mickey D. is just plain weak at the moment): Berlingoff Rasmussen and (even though you don't make full use of his powers) Lakanta. The latter will actually help you a lot as 10 range is FAST and with a WNOHGB built in this is even faster!

The 9 Weapons / 8 Shields are of course nothing new, we have seen this combination in the Haakona, but there's one more thing which is not so easily ignored: a Holodeck for Romulans! No more clumsy Husnocks to use your Holo personnel (Jera and Tomek, both quite good for commons!) but a fast and versatile ship instead. And it's really quite hard to say which of the future ships is the best. The Fek'lhr is faster, but she needs 4 crew and the Future Enterprise is even stronger, but at 4 crew of which 3 need to be AU and the fact that you probably don't have it in the first place - I don't know.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : DECIUS

Wesley's rating:                8.5
Cole's rating:                  8.8
Hal's rating:                   7.5
Heather's rating:               9.0
John's rating:                  8.0
Lore's rating:                  7.2
Jack's rating:                  8.0
Matt's rating:                  9.0
Mike's rating:                  7.8
Movar's rating:                 9.0
Serge's rating:                 8.0
Tony's rating:                  8.5
Owen's rating:                  9.0
Ian's rating:                   9.2
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.4

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