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Ship, Klingon, rare AU.
Range 11
Weapons 9
Shields 8
Cloaking Device, Holodeck, Tractor Beam, requires 1 Command (*), 1 Staff (+), and 2 AU icons.
"Destroyed U.S.S. Pasteur in an alternate future, only to be thwarted by the future Enterprise. Named for the ferocius Guardian of Gre'thor."
Remember the Decius? Here's the Klingon equivalent. Only that it is not even close to being as good. Why ? For the one single extra range you need another AU character, and even though the Klingons have two decent AU personnel, you will need at least one non-aligned to make sure you can play the ship. And the Holodeck is also not even nearly as useful for the Klingons as it is for the Romulans, who have a good (and common) Holo-Doctor and a decent Engineer, compared to the lone K'Tesh the Klingons have.
And no way to use the Captain's Log!

And they do this to an affiliation whose strength lies so much in ships ? Yes, the card looks good, but it isn't. Too costly for a Klingon Armada deck, the range increment from 10 to 11 is not that great and the extra crew requirements hurts too much. That's it. Nothing more to say. :-(

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : I.K.C. FEK'LHR

Wesley's rating:                5.0
Cole's rating:                  7.3
Conner's rating:                6.0
Heather's rating:               8.75
Jason's rating:                 9.0
Matt's rating:                  9.0
Movar's rating:                 9.0
Serge's rating:                 9.0
Tony's rating:                  8.5
John's rating:                  8.0
Hal's rating:                   9.0
Lore's rating:                  8.5
Ray's rating:                   9.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.2

Interesting: Many raters made comments on the card being too hard to use. But then, they put a very high rating behind it. Hmmm... at least only one rater (whom I am not going to publicly embarrass) rated it HIGHER than the Decius.

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