Wesley's STCCG card of the day #81

Hi, folks,

How about a not-so-good Federation card that can still be worth something?


Personnel, Federation, uncommon.
Integrity 3
Cunning 7
Strength 4
CIVILIAN, Anthropology, Computer Skill, Treachery, Staff Star (+)
"Lieutenant Worf's human foster brother. Son of Sergey and Helena Rozhenko."
Well, as you see, lots of Weaknesses. Integrity 3 (Firestorm!!!) is the worst, and Strength 4 is not much better. And Anthropology, who needs that?

But Nikolai has two valuable things to contribute. First for Kurlan Naiskos players, he is a Civilian, a Classification that is incredibly rare among Federation crew. And the only two that also have it are Alexander Rozhenko (Doh) and Mot the Barber (Ugh). So amongst these three he is still the best. And even when considering Non-aligned personnel you can only add Ishara Yar (compare her: worse) and Amarie (almost a Mot) to the list, so you'd better stick with Nikolai if you want to use this artifact. (If not, a Civilian is pretty much useless...)

And the second skill that is uncommon among Feds is - Treachery. Only four cards have it (the other three are Eric Pressman, Vash and Ro Laren) Two of them are rare and hard to obtain, and don't forget that quite a few missions that need Treachery need more than one of it. A notable exception is the one that is most useful for Feds: Pegasus Search. If planning to use this, you'd better have a Treachery ready just in case you can't uncover your inter- phase generator.

So: Useless in general, but useful for specialized decks (can you say "surprise"?)

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                3.5
Conner's rating:                3.5
Phil's rating:                  5.0
Michael's rating:               7.8
Owen's rating:                  7.2
Ian's rating:                   5.1
Cole's rating:                  7.5
Jack's rating:                  6.3
Jason's rating:                 7.0
Jeff's rating:                  3.0
AVERAGE RATING:                 5.59

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