Wesley's STCCG card of the day #190

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need a captive or two?


Dilemma, Either, uncommon AU.
Unless Empathy present, opponent captures one unique, non-Cardassian personnel from you (random selection) and places it on their side as a captive, along with trap.
"With rumors of a metagenic weapon on Celtris III, the Cardassians lured Jean-Luc Picard into a trap in Cardassian space. He was captured in 2369."
A good one. As it scores well in all three categories for a Dilemma:

- Versatility. You don't get any better than a planet/space thingy.

- Chances of striking. Fair to good against Feds, really great against anybody else.
Empathy is not very common and the few that have it are not really good crew. Klingons strike the big zero here (do you want to play with Devinoni Ral or Maques? If the former, you'd better make sure he does not get into a Firestorm and if the latter, you have a good empath who is pretty useless for anything else.), Rommies at least have their Rakal which can be used for some sneaky purposes (like solving an opponent's Fed mission with her and some non-aligneds...)

- Effect. Better than the omnipresent 'kill one crewmember'. True, the captured guy can be freed, but on the other hand you get at least a decent personnnel (unique) and he could be interrogated, brainwashed, tortured (future expansion - see Rescue captives), etc. And don't forget that capturing cannot be avoided by Genetronic Replicators, redirected by Security Sacrifices or reclaimed by Res-Qing.

How to combine: Against Klingons, put behind a Firestorm. No Devinoni Rals that could spoil your plot. Against Fed, try with a Female's love interest to maybe get rid of Troi. Or, use with any Dilemma that allows you to choose which one goes away. And the other way round: Use as a preparation for something even nastier. Remember you don't get to choose which one goes, but you at least can be pretty sure that you are not drawing a total dud (unless your opponent plays Mot the Barber :-) )

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                8.0
Cole's rating:                  6.9
Conner's rating:                5.5
Hal's rating:                   6.5
Heather's rating:               7.25
Jack's rating:                  9.0
John's rating:                  6.0
Lore's rating:                  9.0
Movar's rating:                 7.0
Ray's rating:                   7.5
Serge's rating:                 8.0
Tony's rating:                  7.0 (Quote: "How many lights do you see?")
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.3

Last call for entries: Until COTD #195 you may still mail me your Dream cards for the COTD batch #200-#209 which will be another Dream miniseries. Rules: No DS9, Voyager, Movies, Classic, Animated, etc. Plain TNG, okay ? Need not be a killer but should be interesting to review. Remember, Q (DAnswerMan) is reading us...

And for those who have already sent something: You have good chances to make it if your card was (don't read on if you don't want to see it - though I paraphrased the card names, thus you are safe if you did not send cards yourself...)

[Mini-Spoiler follows]

- a female interrupt
- a prime time Dilemma
- a diversified event
- O'Brien's 'oops'
- an event with Diplomacy
- a positronic Dilemma
- something rocky
- or an alternate Bridge crew member

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