Wesley's STCCG card of the day #142

Hi, folks,

before I entirely switch to AU, I'm gonna work up on two last cards from the original set (not because I like them, but because I have to collect the ratings on AU before going on)


Personnel, Non-aligned, uncommon.
Integrity 3
Cunning 9
Strength 3
V.I.P., Empathy, Diplomacy, Treachery
"1/4 Betazoid, 3/4 Human. Skilled negotiator. Abused his empathic powers to gain advantage. Had a dangerous liaison with Counselor Deanna Troi."
Of course, he's one of the guys that had a LOT to gain from AU. With his skill list, he will be an indispensable life-saver in a lot of Klingon decks, as there are now some Dilemmas that *really* hurt if you don't have empaths and Klingons do not have any empathy among their own ranks. (Rommies now at least have the Major Rakal card, which is close to being the most interesting personnel card I've ever seen).

Also, a Fed deck that does not rely on high Integrity might make good use of this card as he's basically a Deanna Troi with an extra Treachery but a little lower on attribute scores. Just make sure there's no Firestorm waiting around the corner...

The combination of Empathy and Diplomacy is also useful for at least one mission, and the Treachery might prove really helpful in a Fed deck playing an opponent using a Compromised Mission (lots of fun missions in AU anyway) So what was until last week a card I would really have overlooked and not even considered for deck-building suddenly became a viable utility card with a few twists, which sheds a very good light on the way AU interacts with the basic game. Great job, Decipher!

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : DEVINONI RAL (note that the ratings except mine do reflect pre-AU conditions!)

Wesley's rating:                7.0
Lore's rating:                  4.6
Owen's rating:                  5.5
Ian's rating:                   4.0
Jack's rating:                  5.5
Jason's rating:                 7.0
Cole's rating:                  5.0
Mark's rating:                  5.0
Movar's rating:                 6.5
Serge's rating:                 5.0
Andrew's rating:                6.5
Ted's rating:                   4.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 5.5

What? You gonna kill me because I'm not doing an AU card today ?
OK, I might reconsider that. There's one card that will not draw any dissent about ratings, so look out for another (really improperly named) Card of the Day on this newsgroup!

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