Wesley's STCCG card of the day #100

Hi, folks,

sorry for the fact that my "Captain's Holiday" was a little longer than in- tended, but being a highly active member in a fast-growing Star Trek Club sometimes takes its toll... (Had to work up all that was left from those two weeks)
Anyway, as Decipher was not allowed to tell me card texts, I dug deep into my treasure chest of ideas, and presto, I hereby present you:


Dilemma, either, rare, Dream Card(*).
All Dilemmas at this location will have their conditions inverted. You must NOT fulfill the prerequisites or your crew will suffer the consequences.
"In a mirror universe, events that really happened will be nonexistent but others just will have happened instead."
Picture: Cmdr Riker in the captain's chair, being mirrored upside down in a distorted fashion by some hazy effect.
(*) We might actually see this one in AU, as I've sent the idea to Decipher and they did like it. However, it will most probably have a different name (they had a card of this name in the making that had a different effect).
This is a dual-purpose card and a powerful one, too. But it also involves some danger...

First use: Nullify Dilemmas. Place it late under a location your opponent has heavily seeded at. Then rush in with a minimal crew (Mot the Barber might come handy) and solve the dilemmas one after one as you can never fulfill any requirement. Then, when it comes to the mission, leave Mot stopped and rush in with the minimal crew. Two dangers are involved in this strategy:

a) Your opponent might have used unconditional dilemmas. These don't get af- fected. (Male's love interest, anyone?)
b) There might be a nasty trap in form of - another Mirror Universe! Both cancel each other and you're back to normal...

Of course, there is a nasty combo to circumvent this: Play the following cards on an "Evaluate Terraforming": Any Artifact + Q + Mirror Universe. Then have Beverly Crusher make your day. 35 points + the artifact with no risk.

Second use: Counter those pesky "Mega-Away-Team" decks. Place a Mirror Universe at a strategic location and use those nasties that are otherwise WAY too easy too overcome. Try Cosmic String Fragment with this one: BANG! Also nice: a mirrored Two-Dimensional Creatures ("Ship can't move until you get rid of all SCIENCE or all ENGINEERs", use a Warp Core Breach if she tries the latter...) Many more are possible.

This card makes the use of Scan-Type cards absolutely vital for decent chances at survival.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings : I can't give a rating for this one. It has experienced too little play to really evaluate it in full. But, I'd say it's at least a 9.0, if not more.
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