Wesley's STCCG card of the day #300

Hi, folks,

this is the day! A new digit marks the front and for those of you who want to celebrate the start of the new era, I'll post a contest. And unlike the previous COTD contests, this time you can win. 6 well-hidden Dream Card images. To participate, watch out for "Wes' COTD #300 contest" on your mailing list or news server. Mind you, it won't be easy this time! (And sorry to Lennard for the extra COTD files you'll have to send out the next days...)

Now for the card. I thought about it quite some time, but it was a rater's idea that finally got me to:


Personnel, non-aligned, uncommon QC.
Integrity 7
Cunning 7
Strength 4
CIVILIAN, Once per turn, may prevent one other personnel from being killed on a ship where present.
"A Zalkonian male with amnesia and the ability to heal by touch alone. Romantically involved with Dr. Crusher. Later evolved into a pure energy being."

"HEY!!!!! What's so special around here? You make such a hype about the #300 issue and then THIS?"

Whoops, let's see. Maybe that guy didn't yet get the entire story. Okay, where did I leave off? John Doe. (Must be first signs of amnesia within myself) John fits the scheme of the many new CIVILIANs with great special abilities. You don't get a host of skills, but you get a single ability that almost functions as an event. We had Lakanta, with his built-in WNOHGB and now we have a living Genetronic Replicator. Well, almost. Several advantages and disadvantages apply:

However, it is a little unfair to compare these two cards as their areas of usefulness don't really overlap. The Genetronic Replicator protects Away Teams on planets. (And also prevents Wesley from getting the side-effects along with the point...). John, however works in space only. Exactly where no Genetronic Replicator has gone before. (And here, pointy things coming Wes' way are also softened...).

So John Doe is an integral part of any defensive deck. At least if you play any space missions. (BTW: Rules question for Q: If the entire crew dies, can John still regenerate a crewmember while dying or is it analog to the MEDICALs operating the Replicator? Unfortunately, my bad omens tell me it will be the latter...) Just make sure, you won't run into any Zalkonian vessels. They will put a quick end to your defensive bonus. But then, every card in this game needs a nullifier card.

But wait a second, I didn't even mention John's best ability yet! An ability that makes another card rather...

[to be continued!]