Wesley's COTD #300 contest

Hi folks,

after 300 issues of COTD I finally present you a contest where you can actually win something: 6 files of original Wesley-created Dream cards. I placed them somewhere on the COTD site at http://www.worldonline.nl/~ldp/ [Ed: Due to copyright reasons the files are no longer available.]

but you'll still have to decipher(!) the filenames.

For this I give you 30 quotes from COTD, totally out of context, and sometimes slightly edited (a punctuation mark or such) just to make sure you guys don't always use the search option of your word processor...

And as figuring out all 30 might be a lot of work, I broke it down in 5 groups of 6 quotes, each yielding an image of a card from the first Dream Card series (#100 to 107). So you can even win if you only solve a few.

The 6th however is the Grand Prize, and you'll need all 30 for that one! But it might be worth it...

And if you get stuck, you can mail me. Once. Asking for a hint on up to five of the 30 questions. But not more ;-)
BTW: You need no Habib cards to solve this, all quotes are from COTD 26 and later (and none from 291+ either...)

Have fun chasing!


(Here we go!)

today I am getting really lazy and to save some typing, let's use a card with a really short name:
either it's none or it's heaps!
we've seen about everything in Card of the Day right now,
What shall I do with a rare card that's worse than an uncommon of the same affiliation?
A5) (4 quotes - All from the same COTD):
I totally agree with the second part :-)
Are we getting repetitive?
Right that is.
TWO who don't have her. Traded her away?
Can't these guys stick to one rating, sparing me the averaging

---> Now add the 6 numbers together and go to http://www.worldonline.nl/~ldp/XXXX.JPG (mind the capitalization!) replacing XXXX with the total (no leading zeroes, just the number)

- Oh, he's got no Internet Access... good.
- Let's play for ante, shall we?
- Darn, yet another white border all common deck. Won't win anything sensible.
- Now what's THAT strategy good for?
One away team member (random selection) becomes useless. Cure with - forget it, you don't have that.
B3) (in the combo section)
- None, I am not really a beginner anymore :-)
B4) (also in the combo corner)
- (We're waiting for a crucial part, so it's still not fixed)
I just recently had a thread about MAGIC spoilers being put into STCCG. And then I got this cute little fo... er card:
OK, this one easily wins the "Mot Award (TM)" in the category "Worst flavor text"

---> Again, the total gives you the second card...

those of you who created a 1-byte variable for the number when indexing their COTD's
Uh, guess I play this card right away. Tension is getting much greater if you have to wait a little longer ... :-)
a beaming clone that is not a Dream Card:
C4) (again from the combo corner)
- None. Zilch. Nyet. Nada. Rien. Nix. Forget it.
And probably you expect something special again.
[Nice Guess]
Great. I hate when this happens.
[Don't start getting sarcastic]
People get sooo used to getting bonuses now and then.
[Oooh, PLEASE]
WHY whywhywhywhyoooooowhyyyyyyyyyyyy? (sob)

---> Third total, third card...

if you think you are still susceptible to COTD overdoses, stop reading here and continue after at least two hours. If you're already hooked, read on quickly:
D2) (and yet the combo section again)
- ERROR #0xE3CA: File not found ;-)
D3) (still one more from that corner)
- I can't even think of a witty line today :-)
Wesley (The real one - not Wil Wheaton), lying sprawled on the floor, with some rather unhealthy-looking dark red patterns on his face.
D5) (again that particular area)
[...], both far away from anything that could accidentally or thruthfully be considered my deck.
hope you found this "cloaked" edition of COTD. Hey, stop using those author searches and go by title :-). Oh, did I say "cloaked"?

---> And again, you by now know what to do ;-)

E1) (now this one's easy)
Picard and Gowron in COTD. Color of the sun. The riddle unsolved.
I was asked for more commons by those players (beginners :-) ) who do not have all the rare (good :-) ) cards to build their decks with. In order to fulfill everyone's desires (avoid being flamed :-) ) I'll try my best (once make the impression of :-) ) to introduce more common (crappy :-) ) cards into COTD. And I'll also try (promise but never keep :-) ) to use less Smileys (:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) ). [It is so hard to come up with a witty introduction every day]
did you ever have 20 claws and 10 pounds of fur in your face?
(Or didn't I goof and somebody played a Devidian Door on that article? ;-) )
E5) (yet again the one section)
- Yuck! Who put this section here? ;-)
E6) (an easy one for finishing...)
I'll guess he'll opt to "shoot" his own foot.

---> Now you also got the 5th, leaves you with one more thing to do...

***> Add the 5 totals together, which gives you another number. Except the card behind that number was never a COTD but is a brand new offering specially created for this contest. So it might be worth it ;-) (Yes, it's overpowered but when you get that one, you deserve it. Really...)

Have Fun !