Wesley's STCCG card of the day #291

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the last classic artifact (and maybe the worst one):

Classic COTD #17


Artifact, rare.
Use as an Equipment card. Doubles all of your personnel's STRENGTH where present. (Not cumulative)
"Only five of these pistols were made before being banned be the Federation. These vicious weapons disrupt the body from the inside out, causing a slow and painful death."
Yeah, extra Strength. As if we needed it. Strength points have two uses: Battling Away teams and overcoming Dilemmas and missions with such requirements.

If you want to do the second one, you'll be in logical trouble to justify a Varon-T, after all, you need to complete a mission to get it and only then will you be able to make use of the enhancement. And as the highest Strength requirement on any mission or Dilemma is 44 (I don't count Outpost Raid - you won't usually have a Varon-T present when attempting a mission from your outpost), you can as well use a regular disruptor or phaser as the average Strength of a card is just below 5 and that'll be good enough to overcome any Strength-requiring Dilemma with 7 people and a reqular Strength enhancer. Zero use here. Really.

If you go for battle on the other hand, you'll usually want to assemble a strike force very quickly and try to disrupt your opponent's doings as early as possible. After all, your mission-solving capabilities are limited at best and you will not be as fast as a mission-oriented deck to assemble a team that is capable of retrieving an Artifact. And this means, your Fed opponent will already have snatched that Gift Box and taken another turn before you can even lay your hands on that Disruptor and you will then still need to chase him and start shooting away (usually another 2 turns). Which means you'll then have to make up for something like a 25-85 score, not easy if that guy on the other side threatens to draw his last card in three turns and the majority of your crew is busy decimating his people.

Last try to get something out of it: Defense against away team battles. Carry it along to discourage opponents from attacking. Only that this function can as well be fulfilled by a Genetronic Replicator and a few MEDICAL personnel (4 if you want to be sure that even a Phaser Burns card won't disable your regenerative capabilities). Somehow this constellation seems to have a lot more use to me than the Varon-T.

Favorite combo(s):

Wesley's rating:                1.01
Allen's rating:                 ---
Cole's rating:                  7.0
Data's rating:                  8.9
Drew's rating:                  5.4
Hal's rating:                   8.5
Jack's rating:                  7.5
Nanite's rating:                5.0
Nouwa's rating:                 6.0
Picarde's rating:               4.0
Q's rating:                     7.5
Rothspar's rating:              7.5
Tania's rating:                 4.5
Tony's rating:                  7.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.0

Huh? Did I overlook something????????? Even the first time around when the classic COTD's were done by Habib I never got the hype people tended to place on some Artifacts, back then, none of them had all ratings below 9 and I was the only person to place any of them below 5.5 Tsk. Glad they're done with... many of them were quite complex and the ones I rarely play with were quite hard to evaluate.

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