Wesley's STCCG card of the day #107

Hi, folks,

my last "Dream Card" is a fun card. It features a character I imagined for a fan movie parody. Here comes:


Personnel, Non-aligned, rare, Dream card.
Integrity 3
Cunning 7
Strength 1/2 (Yes that's one half!)
SCIENCE, Anthropology x2, Biology, Greed, Empathy x1/2, Mouse-Hunting x3
"Catherine is the result of a failed genetic experiment by Wes Crusher to give a cat speech. Although the prime goal was achieved, LT. CMDR. McCat has also learned to think!"
Picture: A white beautiful Angora Cat.
No game review, but a character review (and a "how-to" to transfer your character ideas into STCCG Dream Cards):

SCIENCE: I had to give her a classification and CIVILIAN was ruled out by the flavor text ("Lt.Cmdr"). Also, SECURITY and OFFICER didn't seem viable choices either. ENGINEER and MEDICAL were ruled out by her cat's paws (Dexterity!) and she obviously is no V.I.P. So that's what remained.

Anthropology x2: As all cat lovers will know, cats know humans very well and exhibit a lot of character. So I gave her a big chunk of the "Human science".

Biology: Well, she is a scientist, isn't she ?

Greed: A typically feline trait. Especially Greed for comfort.

Empathy x1/2: Full empathy would be game-breaking, but the forethought cats often exhibit almost suggests some empathy. (Also nice for taming Nick Hathaway [#101], as these two nicely complement each other, skill-wise.)

Mouse-Hunting x3: Well, obviously a fun skill. But wait! We're stuck with another useless skill in STCCG: Barbering. So, let's make this one useful and take Mouse-Hunting with it. We will need another card that is both hairy and concerns hunting little animals. So, what would obviously be the best choice ?

Right: Trouble with Tribbles. Dilemma, Either. Unless Barbering or Mouse- Hunting present, Away team is stopped here for three full turns.

The Attributes: 1/2 STR is self-explanatory, 3 INT is given because of the Greed and the animal traits and 7 CUN reflects her thinking ability and her sharp instincts.

Favorite combo(s):
PRE>Rating : 7.5

And the promised "how-to" ? Step by step.
1) Select a classification that best fits your needs. Consider all seven before making a choice. If two seem equally good, make it a double classification.
2) Select one to three existing skills that can be justified for your chosen character.
3) If feasible, create a Dream Skill that (perhaps a little funnily) describes your character. Make up a Dilemma, Mission, or event that makes use of that skill.
4) In the light of your skill selection, choose the attributes.

ONCE AGAIN A WORD OF CAUTION (and a disclaimer):
Whenever you create Dream Cards for STCCG, be aware that the materials you use are copyrighted and trademarked by Decipher and Paramount. You can talk about your ideas and publish them over the 'net. When you actually make them into a physical card, make sure that at least one real STCCG card ends up in your realisation of the Dream card (most easily by just creating the face and glueing it to an existing back.) Never do create multiple copies of those cards and it is a big NO NO to ever sell any of these cards.
[Why this works is, you do not copy anything, you actually mutilate one of your originals, which you, as the owner are allowed to do. But selling these defaced cards would be selling a derivative work which is forbidden.]

Disclaimer: The STCCG Dream cards presented in the COTD articles #100 to #107 are for fun use only and not intended as a challenge to any copyrights owned by Paramount or Decipher. Any recreation of these cards by readers is solely the responsibility of the person physically making such cards and is strongly discouraged unless you know exactly what you do.

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