Wesley's STCCG card of the day #195

Hi, folks,

my turn again ? Hrmph. Guess I'll just do it...


Personnel, Federation, uncommon AU, Hologram, universal.
Integrity 7
Cunning 7
Strength 6
OFFICER, Leadership, Computer Skill, Nullifies one Echo Papa 607 where present, Command Star (*),
"A highly regarded risk-taker. Captained the U.S.S. Drake, lost at Minos in 2364. Former classmate of William Riker, Re-created by the Arsenal of Freedom."
I could just kick them somewhere. Right in that place. There they make a card that is very useful on Federation Starships (they almost all have a Holodeck). And only on ships. (Who plays a Holo-Projector?) Then they give it a cool special ability. Like one that is useful only...
... on planets!


[Message from Internet surveillance: we have temporarily lost contact with Wesley. We do our best to get him back out of the asylum ASAP.]

[Six days later, after some recovery measures involving a few decks without any holograms]
[Unfortunately not involving any free Future Enterprises]

Hi, folks,

they let me back out. And I can even look at that card without falling into fits. (They created a special version for me with a certain line blanked out.) So what we have is a hologram with command ability, good for redshirting (if you have a projector) like any holo and with two decent skills. And good stats, too. One of the better uses is to have him fly a runabout or medium size ship. Even if your entire crew gets disabled by something nasty like a Ktarian Game, you can still get them somewhere where you can find help instead of having to distract the able-bodied personnel from their jobs until you can get the affected crew back. But in the end he's, well only a holo. Neat for space mission decks, but not for much more. Though he might be a basis for an all hologram deck. A handful each of Einstein, Brahms, Rice and Jera, plus a F/R treaty, let's find some missions for that deck. Investigate Disappearance, Repair mission, Explore Black Cluster, Explore Typhone Expanse, Test Mission. That's five. While we're at it, add some K'Teshs and the other treaties and we can now solve Study Nebula, Survey mission, Investigate Shattered Space and Study Stellar Collision and simplify the two "Explore..." missions above. Hmm... do I smell a deck concept ?

[Message from Internet surveillance: we have temporarily lost contact with Wesley. We do our best to get him away from that new holo-deck he's just assembling...]

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : PAUL RICE

Wesley's rating:                [we found a note with 5.5 scribbled on it]
Cole's rating:                  8.0
Conner's rating:                ---
Hal's rating:                   7.5
Heather's rating:               7.5
Jack's rating:                  6.7
John's rating:                  7.5
Lore's rating:                  9.0
Movar's rating:                 7.5
Ray's rating:                   6.0
Serge's rating:                 8.0
Tony's rating:                  7.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 7.3

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