Wesley's STCCG card of the day #393

Hi, folks,

Decipher is finally moving and getting new cards out and what better thing to do than start reviewing them early so that when you finally hold these cool things in your greedy hands you know what to do with them...

Our first Fajo Sneak Peek:


Personnel, Romulan/Federation/Non-Aligned, ultra-rare FJ.
Integrity 3
Cunning 7
Strength 7
SECURITY, Computer Skill, SCIENCE, Mindmeld, Leadership, Treachery, Command Star (*).
Does not work with [Fed] affiliation personnel.
"Female Romulan mercenary. In reality a physically altered Vulcan isolationist seeking the stone of Gol."
(Sorry Major, I know you've done her before, but I disagree with you in a few points anyway and besides, you can't just keep all that Fajo glamor for yourself just because you don't need to collect ratings...)

First of all, let's forget about all that fancy Affiliation stuff and let's look at Tallera as if she were a basic non-aligned card with the Galen / Locarno restriction. Basically, like in those two, everyone but the blue guys (who do have enough great personnel anyway) gets a really decent personnel card. Best thing, Tallera is a good SECURITY. Usually, everyone but the Klingon players (who have Governor Worf and Mogh) goes through their cards, picks out a Roga Danar and then curses because she has no second good SECURITY . But now with Tallera, this choice gets a good bit easier. Having SECURITY and SCIENCE is a rather new combination, but it is every bit as powerful as the well-liked other SCIENCE / something combos as found in Vekor, Dr. Reyga and Dr. R'Mor. Even better, SCIENCE is mostly a space-oriented classification and Tallera's SCIENCE can't be nuked by space nasties like Rascals and Tsiolkovsky Infection. (Her Computer Skill however is often useful on planets but not that needed in space.)

Besides that, we get Leadership for battles (combined with a 7 Strength this is not too bad and I know quite a few Romulan decks that found themselves in a situation where they would have liked to pull off a quick space battle and found they lacked the second leader required to fire with both ships) and the all-too-common Treachery. But with all those missions that have a Treachery x2 or even x4 requirement, I doubt this is useless (Ha, I said it ;-) ). Lastly Mindmeld. Until now, this skill was a purely Feddie affair, but with our new card, the other affiliations can now get the super-powered skill multiples as well, and trust me, you will appreciate this at latest when you hit a Shaka and once again have only a lone Sela or Sirol in play to provide any Diplomacy...

But that was just the basics.

However, Tallera can do more because of all those shiny affiliation icons. Stick her with a Romulan team and you have one less worry about getting enough green guys in your redshirt strategy. Stick her with some Klingons and seed that second outpost. And best, put her in a deck with a whole truckload of non-aligneds and use all that beautiful Federation equipment and while you're at it, bring in a blue ship or two as well... Oh, and of course there are those Federation missions of your opponent just waiting to be espionaged against...

She's a versatile, multipurpose card and will definitely find a way in more than just one or two of my decks (Jason, care to slip me an advance copy so that I can start creaming a few more adversaries ? ;-) )

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : TALLERA

Wesley's rating:                9.0
Allen's rating:                 7.8
Cpt. Targ's rating:             7.5
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             8.6
EHCCGPP's rating:               5.2
Hal's rating:                   9.4
Locutus' rating:                8.2
Mot's rating:                   8.75
Ranger's rating:                7.8
Sirol's rating:                 8.5
Tebok's rating:                 8.5
Tony's rating:                  8.2
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.1

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