Wesley's STCCG card of the day #371

Hi, folks,

in honor of my recent ISOWC game, here's another card that was in that deck inspired by the Ja'Rod COTD ;-)


Personnel, Klingon, 2PG
Integrity 8
Cunning 6
Strength 9
V.I.P., SECURITY, Leadership, Honor x2, Computer Skill, Archaeology, Music.
Command Star (*), AU icon.
"Father of Worf and Kurn. Followed the traitor Ja'rod to Khitomer, suspecting him of conspiring with Romulans. Rumored to have survived the massacre."
Um, six skills, including Archaeology, Honor, Music and Leadership? Didn't we see this before, but in a really different color? Right, of course. Our good old bald Captain Picard himself.

And we will also have to take into account another card when comparing Mogh, the other big red AU guy - Governor Worf who shares the double Honor and the two classifications with Mogh. All three cards also have an attribute total of 23, so they compare even better as we can leave this factor out of the equation (only a very minor disadvantage for Governor Worf who suffers from his odd Cunning when facing Hunter Gangs)

Okay, now that we're here, let's notice that Gov. Worf and Mogh don't really compete, in fact they work together very well, especially when Wormhole Negotiations is concerned. Each of them has two Honor, thus they can join forces and form the first red two-person team to solve that mission (The Feds could do it from the beginning with Sarek and Picard). Where they start differing is when you are trying to build a deck that tries to win by solving only two missions. Wormhole is an obvious choice for one of them (add some point Dilemmas), and your deck should primarily focus on Honor. Have one of the two in a Cryo at Wormhole depending on what your secondary mission is. If you go for Pegasus search, don't even bother with the Interphase Generator, stuff Gov. Worf and Zon into the Cryo and leave that Artifact slot for a BGB or Horga'hn. If you prefer Hunt for DNA, stock the Cryo with Mogh, Rasmussen and a BGB to make sure you can get Koroth. Either way, a solid two-mission deck. Or do what I did, stock Mogh, Zon and a Naiskos and use a Borg ship (plus a Barclay's Disease) to make a one-mission deck.

So much on the red guys. And Picard? He's really being outclassed here. His Diplo is present on so many other cards (even as a x2) and Navigation in't that rare either. But Computer Skill is a solid support skill that surprisingly often lacks in streamlined personnel selections and the SECURITY means that Mogh has a meaningful classification. I would not be too amazed if Mogh soon becomes the most sought-after 2PG card.

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : MOGH

Wesley's rating:                9.2
Allen's rating:                 9.4
Cole's rating:                  9.0
Cpt. Stasis' rating:            ---
Cpt. Targ's rating:             9.5
Data's rating:                  7.87 
Drew's rating:                  9.8
EHCCGPP's rating:               8.9
Hal's rating:                   9.8
Jack's rating:                  7.5
Locutus' rating:                8.5
Mot's rating:                   9.0
Nanite's rating:                9.5
Nog's rating:                   7.5
Picarde's rating:               8.0
Ranger's rating:                9.3
Rothspar's rating:              9.999999
Tebok's rating:                 8.0
Tony's rating:                  9.9
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.9

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