Wesley's STCCG card of the day #376

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just so that the scene won't entirely be dominated by Dream Cards, I will interleave those IE4 cards with normal cards at least some of need no longer dream of because they already have them... (Which is a reminder to my card source who I'm sure is reading this to send mine a little quicker ;-) )


Personnel, Romulan, rare FA/VOY
Integrity 7
Cunning 7
Strength 7
SCIENCE, Astrophysics x2, Stellar Cartography, Honor, ENGINEER, May report directly to any ship, Command Star (*), AU icon.
"Romulan Astrophysical Academy member on deep space duty in 2351. Beamed to the present via a micro-wormhole to the U.S.S. Voyager."
The Romulan Space deck was always good. Now it's better. Now there always were two-person teams that could complete a mission. There even were those that could complete two or three. But how about a two-person crew that can complete SIX missions, and, to add just a little to the deck efficiency, all six are Space Missions and they are all doable by the same affiliation (Romulan in this case, natch).

Well, I'll give it away: Put Nick Locarno and Dr. R'Mor into a Combat Vessel (about the largest thing they can fly without help from anyone else) and use these six:

A 205 point total, BTW, assuring that more than half of all possible three-mission combinations (to be exact, 14 out of 20) yield the desired 100 points. So just send a ship loaded with lots of classification-heavy crew to overcome all those nasty Dilemmas and keep your big two in reserve for the kill. Beaming obstacles won't disturb you in any way, you will never need to transfer crew between ships and as you can always keep the valuable pair one location away from danger, you won't accidentally lose them to a misplaced Borg ship or similar nasty surprise.

Oh, I did just overlook something. R'Mor is more than a green card with Astrophysics x2 and Stellar Cartography. You get a SCIENCE and an ENGINEER classification, you get Honor, oh and you even get that nifty special ability with which you could even do the entire run even if you don't have a second ship - just clear out the nasties and then report

R'Mor to the ship instead of first returning to your outpost. Oh, there's also a nice AU icon in case you want to use that Decius. Hmmm, if a card is great when I just look at half of its potential, what so I have to say about the completed card?

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : DR. TELEK R'MOR

Wesley's rating:                9.9
Cpt. Stasis' rating:            8.5
Cpt. Targ's rating:             9.0
Data's rating:                  8.8
Dr. R'Mor's rating:             9.6 (not 10?!?!?)  
EHCCGPP's rating:               8.7
Gowron's rating:                8.4
Hal's rating:                   9.9
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a's rtg.:  8.8
John's rating:                  9.0
Jon Walker's rating:            9.0
Jono's rating:                  8.7
Locutus' rating:                9.0
Mot's rating:                   9.0
Nanite's rating:                9.5
Picarde's rating:               7.1
Ranger's rating:                8.6
Rothspar's rating:              8.0
Sirna's rating:                10.0
Tebok's rating:                 9.5
Tony's rating:                  9.3
Worf's rating:                  9.5
AVERAGE RATING:                 9.0

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