The STCCG COTD History

Part 1


The rating first appeared in issue #2 (#1 went without one), #6 had the first professional rater. From this point, it exploded (Hope I got them all from my files.):

		Start	End
Habib		1	125
Jack		6	current
Carmine		9	25
Matt		9	177 (with long interruptions)
Holt K.		11	58
Wesley		12	current (natch)
Jon		12	58
Jason		18	144
Allen		26	74
Tim		26	74
Bryan		32	58
Data I		32	58
Simon		37	49
Jeff		42	93
Lore		59	196 (first few ratings under Michael)
Owen		60	160
Mike		60	74
MacPhisto	61	92
Ian		61	160
John		64	240
Phil		76	125
Conner		76	125
Cole		81	current
GoOski		94	125
Mark		128	144
Movar		130	146
Serge		132	146
Ted		133	144
Andrew		134	144
Hal		143	current
Heather		143	228
Tony		161	current
Ray		169	current
Q		197	current
Leto		198	209
Ranger		214	current
Data II		214	current
Richard		229	237
Tania		231	current
Nick		240	240 (can't beat *this* for a short stint ;-) )
Nanite		242	current
Nouwa		243	current
Rothspar	244	current
Maybe you ?...

Wow, 43 of them. Didn't know that there were so many, and there are so many names in there not even I remember anymore. Phew, don't want to know how many of the ancient ones did by now give up STCCG entirely.

A few noticable ones:

Lore: he was a longtime companion and would still be here (after all, he was the initiator of, but he left for greener pastures in Middle Earth and is there running his own COTD empire (which also should be in the high 100's now). Of course, he now prefers being called Gandalf.

Jack: Can't believe that, a companion from all the way down to the single digits. Do you still remember the good old times when a COTD was 10 lines long ;-) ?

Conner: Can't say how much he did, but during the two phases where he was available his server was the best STCCG site on the entire 'net. Now, it's a ruin. Anyone care to take over (needs 2 MB, ftp account writable by me and Perl script language) ?

Habib: the Founder. Which gets me to:


COTD was founded by Habib (blessed those who still know him) back in March 95. In his 25th issue, he wrote that he wouldn't be able to do an ish every day, but hoped to be there every other day. Two days turned into weeks, then a month, then I sent him a quick letter applying to take it over.

Three days later I had my raters contacted (drafted?) and three more days after, I was on the net, with the one card everybody expected me to do.

Milestones in COTD development

#40 - first article with more than one card
#50 - the first COTD poll
#75 - a 75 card article, covering the uninteresting stuff
#100 - Captain's Holiday, the most cruel thing I ever did to you
#100(b) - Mirror Universe, the first COTD not based on an actual card
#150 - Fantasy world, a way to link Magic into STCCG
#197 - Decipher acknowledges the presence of COTD, with Q as a rater
#200 - the Internet expansion I, with 10 cards we might someday see.
After all, Q is reading us...
#238 - Classic COTD starts
#240 - The Wrath of Wesley appears in InQuest
#250 - Internet Expansion II - even better...
#250 - The History of COTD
#500 - The History of COTD, volume 2 ?
#726 - The last COTD appears because there are no more cards left? God prevent this...

More history soon, with quotes, flubs, funny passages, etc.