Wesley's STCCG card of the day #100 (the fake one!)

Hi, folks,

here it is !!!

The long-expected # 100 !!!


Interrupt, incredibly rare.
Play on Internet. Allows Wesley to go on a 14 day holiday without being flamed by any reader, rater, ex-writer or subscriber of COTD nor by anybody else.
"You know, this time I really GOTCHA!!!"
Uh, guess I play this card right away. Tension is getting much greater if you have to wait a little longer ... :-)

Favorite combo(s):

- Captain's Holiday + your face upon reading this :-)


Wesley's rating:               10.0
Conner's rating: "Still haven't nailed anyone with this"
Habib's rating:  "What the hell is this ?"
Phil's rating:   "Well seeing the uses of cards is easy."
Lore's rating:   "People who shout 'Yes! Now I've got you' "
Owen's rating:   "Not too useful, but very funny!"
Ian's rating:    "A touch untimely"
Jack's rating:   "A cruel joke, a farce."
Jason's rating:  "A cheat card"
GoOski's rating: "It doesn't make sense"
AVERAGE RATING:                 N/A

PS: The quotes above are all real! I just pulled them completely out of con- text!!! (Check your last two rating mails, guys!)

PPS: There WILL be a real #100. I am not that cruel.

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