Habib's STCCG card of the day #5

Hello again,

Today's card is a Klingon officer and a neccessity in any Klingon deck.


Klingon personnel
large star
"Son of M'Rel. Leader of the Klingon High Coucil after defeating the Duras forces in the Klingon Civil War of 2367-68."

Leadership x2   Diplomacy   Honor

Basically this is a great Klingon personnel card. He has leadership to fight and diplomacy to get through those nasty Q-Nets.

As klingons go I think that Gowron should be used in all klingon decks. Also because of the lack of really good officers like the federation has, Gowron is one of the best Klingon personnel out there. He is good in any mission that needs honor and the diplomacy is rather helpful in doing other missions. Wormhole Negotiations is a good mission in a Klingon deck because of the ease of 4 honor. Gowron can contribute to this. Also he has a rather high integriy level for a klingon.

card rank 1=worst 10=best


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Also to clear up a dispute going on from my card of the day #3, the USS Enterprise, I just suggested that you COULD consider the Enterprise the best ship in the game. The Husnock is higher in numbers but the Enterprise is more evenly distributed. I personally think it is the best ship in the game but that is just me. I have nothing against other ships. You have the right to form your own oppinion.

Habib (The ST:CCG Lord)