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after a rather long COTD-less time (sorry, folks, you don't want to have my schedule ;-) ), here's some material for you again...

Before you ask: I won't join the First Contact fray in a hurry. This set is rather complicated and I don't like to make about a thousand mistakes in ten articles. Thus, I'll do a few more Fajo cards before jumping into the big new thing.

How about one for the Federation today:


Personnel, Federation, ultra-rare FJ.
Integrity 10
Cunning 9
Strength 7
CIVILIAN, Once per turn, may nullify any [AU] icon or [Q] icon Interrupt, Event or Dilemma where present. If on any Enterprise, doubles Captain's Log there. Staff Star.
"500-year-old El-Aurian. U.S.S. Enterprise bartender. Trusted advisor and confidant of Jean-Luc Picard."
Nice card? Sure. This Guinan replaces two cards at once - Madam Guinan and I Am Not A Merry Man - and means a powerful defensive addition to any Federation deck. Worried about Brain Drain? Nullify it. Thought Fire? No problem. Penalty Boxes and Bailiffs? Who cares. And now? Just four cards? No way. However, the others aren't the ones you see in tournaments everyday.

Events: Wartime conditions - makes little sense as you probably had a reason for playing it and it can't hurt. Rishon - well okay, but who ever sees a Rishon on an Event on a location? Doppelganger? Never seen. Drought Tree - small benefit as you don't need Guinan to be unopposed.

On the Interrupt side - Vorgon Raiders, unlikely but you'll be glad if you can cancel it, Dead in Bed will become more important in the future, Wolf won't usually target the right location for Guinan to work, same for Eyes in the Dark and Devidian Foragers. And Temporal Narcosis doesn't target any location at all and can thus not be nullified by Guinan anyway.

Leaves us with Dilemmas. Frame of Mind, Maman Picard and Parallel Romance. All not the most common ones to see, but devastating if they hit. Better to get rid of them. Then Empathic Echo (which can easily be a wall and thus very annoying). Conundrum and Interphasic Plasma Creatures also tend to stall more often than not and are thus Guinan targets. The rest - Android Nightmares, the Royale Casino cards and Quantum Singularity Lifeforms are highly unlikely candidates for nullification - you usually won't encounter any detrimental effect from them in a Fed deck.

Okay, I won't even go into Q-cards, just remember you can't nullify a Gift of the Tormentor gone wrong with Guinan...

A doubled Captain's Log on any Enterprise is also quite okay when you try to make a First Contact inspired Enterprise space dominance deck (which should be quite possible with the new deck sizes. Just don't forget a few Incoming Message: Attack Authorization to get your deck rolling.)

The attributes - inferior only to Data and Soong-Type Androids in total points, well distributed to boot. The only thing I'd have liked to see on top of this would have been one regular skill - Anthropology would have fit nicely...

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : GUINAN

Wesley's rating:                8.4 
Picarde's rating:               6.5 
Rothspar's rating:             10.0 
Tebok's rating:                 7.5 
Tony's rating:                  9.0 
AVERAGE RATING:                 8.1

I hate lazy raters. I also hate lazy COTD writers. OOPS ! ;-)

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