Wesley's STCCG card of the day #157

Hi, folks,

here's a Dilemma I somewhat like to beat with the right card. Guess why :-)


Dilemma, Planet, uncommon AU.
Unless Treachery x 2, Disruptors, Wesley Crusher or Exobiology present, two Away Team members with Diplomacy (random selection) are killed.
"Zaldans, who look human except for their webbed fingers, are infuriated by courtesy. They view it as insulting dishonesty."
Doesn't this one just YELL "combo!" ? Kill two Diplomats ? With all the cute things like Nagilums, Q-Nets and..... Shakas?

Place this one in front of a Shaka to make the latter a little hard to pass unless the first one is passed, which in turn can be made a little harder by using a Chalnoth and/or a Ferengi attack and the nasty person on the other side of the table (the one who plays that much worse but has more money to buy cards / incredible luck in the draw / just acci- dentally found the one weakness in your deck / ...) will probably regret ever having attempted this mission.

And though the list of possibilities to pass is quite long, it serves to make the card equally hard or easy to all affiliations.

Wesley and Exobiology are easy for Feds, Exobiology and Disruptors are found for Klingons and our Rommie friends will have Disruptors and Treachery, so everybody can find something (but something not too common) to get past this Dilemma and that's what unfortunately makes it a little weak on its own. The chance to cripple a team with this is actually fairly low unless you can take some preparations with a Disruptor overload, a well-placed Phaser Burns (or two or three...) or any of the opponent's choice Dilemmas.

Just remember they'll probably have one of the requirements. But most probably not two...

Favorite combo(s):
Ratings for : ZALDAN

Wesley's rating:                8.0
Cole's rating:                  ---
Hal's rating:                   ---
Heather's rating:               7.5
John's rating:                  7.5
Lore's rating:                  ---
Jack's rating:                  8.2
Matt's rating:                  6.0
Mike's rating:                  7.0
Movar's rating:                 5.0
Serge's rating:                 3.0
Tony's rating:                  7.5
Owen's rating:                  5.4
Ian's rating:                   5.3
AVERAGE RATING:                 6.4
(lotsa dashes this time, but remember the ratinx were collected at a time when AU was almost as hard to find as BB Picards :-) )
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